Blue Flags 2016: 293 beaches and tourist berths awarded.

The Blue Flag, a prestigious recognition from the FEE (Foundation for environmental education), this year at its thirtieth edition, for 2016 it has awarded as many as 293 beaches for the excellent bathing waters, the efficient purification system, and the presence of numerous services: from cycle paths to green spaces, to separate waste collection.
Despite always representing a reason for many discussions (especially for the Mayors), they represent an incredible driving force for tourism. In fact, it has been established that the municipalities that have obtained this recognition receive greater consideration (and therefore more bookings in accommodation facilities) by tourists.

Blue Flags 2016

Also this year, undisputed queen is Liguria awarded with 25 Blue Flags, including the new entries Ceriale and Levanto. Savona, on the other hand, is the Italian province that has obtained the highest number of awards: in fact, 13 municipalities have obtained the coveted Blue Flag 2016!
To follow, in this special classification of the Regions, there are Tuscany with 19 assigned Flags, and the Marche with 17. In double figures, Campania (with the Cilento coast to be the lion’s share) and Puglia, respectively with 14 and 11 Blue Flags, that is the same number as last year, although they recorded both an entry and an exit in the ranking. Sardinia also reaches 11 Blue Flags 2016, thanks to three new entries: Badesi, Sassari and Teulada.

The ranking continues with Emilia Romagna, which drops to 7 Blue Flags 2016, losing two, Abruzzo and Sicily 6, Calabria 4, including the new entry Praia a Mare, Molise 3, Basilicata 2 (Maratea and Policoro).

Not only the sea: even the lake resorts have received the prestigious recognition, thanks to the commitment of the territory in promoting sustainable tourism, water quality and services available to tourists. On the official website, through this link, you can view the complete list of all the beaches and the tourist berths awarded the recognition; for the most curious, you can view the complete lists of the last 4 years.