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Car Sat Navigators

Are you abroad, alone and lost, without knowing where you are finished? Maybe, you have one of those super-mega-technological smartphones of the latest generation … without any data connection? Or worse, your wife or girlfriend, sitting next to you, keeps repeating to you:

– “I knew it. We got lost. Again. You don’t even know where we are, etc …”

Well, the solution is … No, it’s not what you’re thinking about your partner. It is called, simply, Navigator. And in this case, obviously, you will be spoiled for choice. Cars, motorbikes, trucks, caravans: to each his navigator. The list of products is extremely varied, based on features and functionality.


Car Sat Navigators


TomTom Rider 400 GPS is the ideal motorcycle navigator that offers advanced navigation features. Experience the adventure by discovering the most exciting routes, personalize the route, share it with friends and leave the busy roads behind. Unleash your spirit by driving on roads without traffic. Winner of the Design Award 2016.
We start from the basic model, RIDER 40, sold at the list price of € 349, to RIDER 400, also available in a PREMIUM PACK version with car mounting kit, anti-theft mechanism and protective case. In any case, these are first-class devices with numerous features (eg Bluetooth and Vicavoce calls) and above all Western European Maps and TomTom Traffic AT LIFE !! With the Rider 400, you will also have all the EUROPE and Autovelox for… LIFETIME!
Obviously the cheaper alternatives are not lacking. And they are also quite valid.


As always, the range of Car Navigators is first-rate, and it could not be otherwise. We recommend taking a look at the various models to find the one that best suits your needs and, above all, your pockets.
For those not paying much attention, the TomTom GO 6100 is the best you can offer today, with a nod to the design (really nice), which does not hurt. What makes this device so special:

Click & GO magnetic bracket;
Fully interactive screen. Pinch, zoom and scroll;
Lifeguard tutor and speed camera;
Life maps of the whole world;
Lifetime TomTom Traffic via integrated SIM.
Dulcis in fundo, the integrated SIM card, allows you to stay connected to TomTom services, even when you are abroad because it has no roaming costs !!!

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