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Way of Saint James. Info and general guide about Camino de Santiago

Way of Saint James

When you go towards a goal, it is very important to pay attention to the Way. It is the Way that always teaches us the best way to arrive, and enriches us while we travel “.
[The path of Santiago, Paulo Coelho]


Every year, over 200000 individuals travel the Way of Saint James (Camino de Santiago), whose destination is the extraordinary Cathedral of the homonymous city that houses the remains of St. James. Without a doubt, it can be considered the route of pilgrimage par excellence.

There are many paths; today it is difficult to find a single reason that can push an individual to face the approximately 800 kilometers (the length varies depending on the path and the points touched) that you have to travel to get to your destination. Faith, desire for adventure, knowledge or, perhaps, be able to understand where you can push. Going on foot, then, the whole stretch can take a long time: it all depends on your own pace, of course.

In the minds of many, the scene of the pilgrim is well impressed with a good pair of boots, which, backpacking, takes the path. A similar path, so magical, requires that it be lived in first person: only in this way can one fully understand the meaning of the Way of Saint James; because it does not happen every day to travel hundreds of kilometers on foot or by bike, going through paths or villages almost lost, where time seems to have stopped.

However, here, the intent is, above all, to present the incredible heritage of fascinating monuments and locations that you will encounter along your route. An itinerary to go, why not, even “on the road”. A tour that, although it may be less magical and evocative of the “classic”, will lead you to discover wonderful places. It is no coincidence, in fact, that along the Way, there are nine places declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO. So, I can only wish you …. have a nice trip!

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