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Washington DC. How to get there by train, car bus from Virginia Maryland


A city of southern efficiency and northern charm. This is what Kennedy mentioned about Washington.

The city of Washington DC (the abbreviation DC stands for District of Columbia) is the capital of the United States of America; is 50 km from the sea, and is located south of the state of Maryland, and north of the state of Virginia.

This city, architecturally, is oriented towards the neoclassical, Georgian, Gothic. Styles that characterize modern government buildings, and important city buildings.

Here the main government institutions of the United States (President, Congress, Supreme Court), many ministries and federal agencies, and some international organizations are based; among these, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the Organization of American States. The White House is the true symbol of all the United States of America!

Washington DC, since it was declared capital, was the city that forever changed the political life of the most powerful nation on earth.

Washington DC



From medium/long-haul destinations to international cities, the aircraft is the preferred solution.
The modern and efficient Dulles international airport is about 40 km from the city.
Every day, it offers direct connections to the main destinations of USA, America (North, Central and South) and Europe.
The most frequent international air connections are with London-Heathrow, Frankfurt, Paris-CDG, Amsterdam, Tokyo-Narita.
By bus, car and taxi you can easily reach the center.


Extremely convenient and quick way to get to the city, and visit the North East Coast. Arrived in the city, it is preferable, however, to leave your car in the parking lot, preferably at your facility, moving by public transport.
From Baltimore, it takes about an hour by car to get to your destination, via the MD-295. More distant, instead, New York, from which it takes about 4 hours to cover 240 miles on US-301; distance that can be dealt with easily over a day.


Inaugurated in 1908, Union Station is the Central station, a reference point for rail connections.
Amtrak offers numerous connections to major US and East Coast destinations, such as Boston and New York.
MARC (Maryland Rail Commuter) allows you to arrive from Camden, Perryville and other Maryland destinations.
Virginia Railway Express, manages the rail traffic between the American capital and the cities of virginia.


There are numerous bus connections to Baltimore, Maryland and Virginia, with no excessive costs, and acceptable journey times.
Virginia Breeze‘s modern and efficient buses connect Union Station with Blacksburg, Virginia. Every day, a connection is active from Blacskburg (Virginia Tech, Squires Student Center) at 08:00, and in the opposite direction at 09:20. The complete journey takes about 6 hours, via Dulles Airport, Lexington, New River Valley, Shenandoah Valley and Northern Virginia.
The ticket price varies from a minimum of $ 15 to a maximum of $ 50 depending on the distance.

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map of the city

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