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Getting around Utrecht by bus, tram or bike. Info, timetable, tickets

Getting around Utrecht

The city center, being rather small, can be easily turned on foot, or possibly by bike. To reach destinations further from the center, there are convenient buses and trams that connect the entire region: Utrecht City, Bunnik, De Bilt, Houten, IJsselstein, Nieuwegein, Stichtse Vecht, Vianen e Zeist.


Photo ©, Roel Hemkes

U-OV manages the city’s public transport system.


About 300 buses serve the Utrecht Region. Buses, of yellow color, are generally active starting from 06:00 in the morning, until midnight. Utrecht Centraal Station, represents the main station of both rubber and iron vehicles.

The Lijnfolder Nachtlijnen, are the night lines, which operate after midnight and up to 05:00 in the morning. Getting around Utrecht in the night, is quite easy. The 412 line, from Utrecht to Zeist (and vice versa) is active every Friday and Saturday, with hourly runs from 02:00 to 05:00. The 441, 447, 452, 474, 477 and 495 lines are active during the Saturday and Sunday nights in one direction, with departures to 01:45, 03:00 and 04:15. On night lines, regular tickets are not valid.


As an alternative to the bus, two Trams circulate in the city, identified by the number 60 and 61. Both depart from the central station, and arrive at the suburbs of Nieuwegein Zuid e IJsselstein. Nieuwegein Stadscentrum is the intermediate station that unites both.

The lines are active every day from 05: 30 approximately, until one o’clock in the morning. At peak times, the frequency of trips is about 7/8 minutes. Tickets are the same as for buses.


Getting around Utrecht

In the center and in the Utrecht Centraal Station area, you can find several shops that rent bicycles. The bike can be a good solution to move around Utrecht, moving to your liking and according to your own pace. Try to place the bikes in the appropriate areas and equip yourself with padlocks; Prevention is better than cure!


OV-chipkaart is the special anonymous prepaid card that allows you to travel on all public transport in the region. It is a good choice for getting around Utrecht. It costs 7.50€ and can be purchased at the automatic machines or in the physical store of Utrecht Centraal Station. The card allows you to pay for the kilometers traveled. The first time, an amount of 0.99€ will be deducted from the remaining credit; subsequently, 0.171€ will be paid for each kilometer of travel performed. It is COMPULSORY to validate entry and exit from any vehicle. The card also exists in a convenient balance version, called OV-chipkaartsaldo. The rates are the same as the previous ones.

Dagkaart, is a day ticket, available in 1, 2 or 3 days. The price is 6.50€, 9.50€ and 12.20€ (4.40€, 7.50€ and 10€ for under 18) depending on the chosen cut. It allows unlimited travel for one, three or five days on all public transport in Utrecht, including the areas of Leidsche Rijn and Haarzuilens.

Travel map is a single ticket, valid for an entire journey within the Utrecht region where U-OV operates. The price starts from €2.90 up to €6.60, depending on the distance.

To travel on night buses, you need to buy special tickets, valid only on these vehicles. The price varies depending on the destinations:

  • Binnen de stad Utrecht, De Uithof and De Meern: 4.30€.
  • Naar Zeist, Houten, De Bilt, Bilthoven, Nieuwegein, Odijk en Werkhoven: 6.50€.
  • Naar Vianen, IJsselstein, Maartensdijk, Hilversum, Soest, Soesterberg, Cothen en Wijk bij Duurstede: 7.60€

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