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Getting around Tours, in the Loire, on foot, by bike or bus. Info, tickets

Getting around Tours

Tours is perfect for walking or cycling. Those wishing to reach the suburbs and the surrounding areas, can opt for the excellent public transport.


The center of Tours is rather small and lends itself to being easily turned on foot.
Walking is, however, pleasant. Weather permitting.


The bike is a practical solution, and quite common in the Loire. Loire a Velo, is an extraordinary cycling tour to discover this wonderful land. By bike it is possible to move to Tours, the surrounding area and the splendid Loire. You can push yourself where your mind and your body can get to!

In Tours, there are numerous rental agencies. We report the excellent Roue Lib ‘, at Rue Bernard Palissy. Rates starting from 10€ for an adult bike, for half a day. It is open from Monday to Sunday, from 09:00 to 19:00.


Getting around Tours and Loire

Photo ©, Daniel Jolivet

A service suitable for all needs and rhythms of life. A service for everyone, even on Sundays, which makes optimal all the movements with which to move in Tours.
Those that could be simple advertising slogans, do not deviate from the reality of the facts.

Blue wire manages a truly excellent public transport service. Getting around Tours by public transport is really easy.

First of all, the service is guaranteed by the Tram A and the 2 Tempo bus that connect daily
North and south of the city.
The 3, 4 and 5 lines cross the city from east to west.
The lines are all running, from Monday to Sunday, from 05:00 to 00:30. The frequencies range from 6 to 10 minutes, during the day.

Other 11 urban lines, from the 10 to the 20, circulate every day from the 06:00 to the 21:30 connecting in a capillary way all Tours.
The 13 suburban lines, in service up to 19:00 approximately, allow you to reach the surrounding areas and destinations.

Starting from 22:00, times are always the same and the correspondence of lines A, 2, 3, 4, and 5 to Gare de Tours is always guaranteed.
In this way it will be possible to move to Tours even in the evening. For a dinner or stop for a few hours on the premises.


Tickets can be purchased directly on board the caretaker. At the first purchase, you will be charged the cost of 0.10€ for the purchase of the rechargeable support. On this, credit will be charged for getting around Tours by public transport.

The ticket from 1 voyage, allows you to make a move in one direction. Valid 60′ from validation, and it costs 1,60€.
The ticket 2 voyages, instead costs 3,00€, and is valid for two trips.
The ticket 24h, has a validity, in fact, of 24 hours from the first validation. It costs 4,10€ per person. The pass, valid for 48 hours from validation, costs €6.20 per person.
The carnet 10 voyages, allows you to make 10 individual trips. It costs 14,00€

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