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Getting around Tolouse By public transport, bus, metro, tram, taxi

Getting around Tolouse

Toulouse is a fairly large city. To get around, you can use the efficient public transport operated by Tisseo. Alternatively, you can opt for the most comfortable, and expensive, taxis, or for eco-friendly solutions such as bicycles. The car is to be discarded due to the excessive costs and the limited availability of parking spaces, especially in the central areas.
The historic center, on the other hand, is quite small, and you can move around mainly on foot.


There are really numerous city cycle paths. One of the strengths has always been the Canal du Midi, lined with numerous tracks for cyclists. One of the passions of the inhabitants is to travel the many kilometers of cycle path that run alongside the canal.

VeloTolouse is an excellent bike rental service that offers the possibility to borrow a bike in one of the many stations in the city. There are more than 250. You pay by credit card. The cost is € 1.20 for the whole day.
Every time you borrow a bike, you will have to deliver it within 30 minutes, otherwise you will have to pay an extra fee (however not excessive). Respecting the delivery times, it will be possible getting around Toulouse, and move to the various points of the city, in a truly economic way.


Getting around Toulouse

The road network is incredibly extensive and covers, in a capillary way, the center and the periphery.
Numbers in hand, this is the most extensive transport system in the city, and most used by travelers and, above all, by the inhabitants.
The service is guaranteed by over 600 buses operating for just under 900km of line, and around 3000 stopping points. Every day, over 200,000 people use road transport to get around Toulouse.
Generally, the lines are in operation from the morning until 22:00. The most important lines terminal the service after midnight, even during weekdays.
On buses you can buy the ticket on board the vehicle


Opened in 1993, the metro is one of the most used means of transport for getting around Toulouse. Since 2003 it has been managed by Tisseo, a company that manages city public transport.
The Metro consists of two lines (A and B), operating daily from early morning until late evening.
Line A (red) connects Basso-Cambo with Balma Gramont. It is mainly underground, with a part of the elevated track. It works from Sunday to Thursday, from 05:15 to midnight; Friday and Saturday, however, until 03:00.
Line B (blue) develops almost on a straight line, from North to South, from Borderouge – Ramonville. Inaugurated in 2007, it is an exclusively underground line.


The tramway stretches for about 17.5km, and a total of 2 lines and 27 stations. It connects Toulouse and Bauzelle via Blagnac.

The only two active lines (T1 and T2) actually share the Palais de Juatice terminus, and most of the route.
The T2, after passing the Ancely station, continues to the international airport. T1, however, continues for ServantyAirbus, until it reaches Aeroconstellation.
The tram runs from Sunday to Thursday from 05:45 to 00:40. Friday and Saturday, until 1:20 am.
T2 operates from Monday to Sunday, from 05:35 to 23:30.
The frequencies of the races vary from 10 to 15 minutes.


The ticket for a single journey (1 déplacement) on the metro, bus, and tram costs €1.70. The ticket can be used on 4 different lines, within 60′ of the first validation.
Only on the bus it is possible to buy the ticket on board (1 déplacement dernière minute) at a cost of 2.00€. In this case, however, you can only make the trip on the same vehicle.
The 10-ticket carnet costs €14.50 (instead of € 17.00) and offers 10 Single Trip tickets, with the same characteristics.
If you are two or more people, you can save with the Tribu Ticket which offers 12 trips to be made in one day, at a cost of €8.60.

The 1 or 3 day passes are the preferable solutions for those who travel less sporadically by public transport. The one-day version costs € 6.50; it is valid for the whole day on which it is validated. The 3-day pass, on the other hand, costs €13, and is valid for 3 consecutive days starting from the one in which it is validated.

All these types of tickets and passes are not valid for Toulouse-Blagnac International Airport. In this case it is necessary to purchase a special ticket at a cost of € 8.50

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