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Toulouse. How to get there by car, train. Distances, connections


La Ville en Rose

Soft pastel colors dominate the buildings of the beautiful Toulouse, a fascinating city that is reflected in the waters of the Garonne.
Toulouse, city of the Canal du Midi, declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco, embodies the very essence of this city. A place to be discovered slowly, between a walk along the riverside, or in the historic center.

Saint-Sernin, Capitole, the Convent of the Jacobins. And, again, the suggestive Pont-Neuf, the interesting museums, and the many parks and green lungs, ideal for a family vacation, and for a few hours of relaxation.

The cosmopolitan atmosphere and the high number of the student population make Toulouse an ideal city also for young people. Zenith and Cri de la Mouette are the places of live music. The discos and clubs scattered around the city are ideal for romping and having fun until late hours.

La Ville en Rose perfectly mixes all the ingredients, for a holiday suitable for all uses, and all tastes.




Undoubtedly the most comfortable, quick and, often, also the cheapest solution.
The plane represents the ideal solution for arriving from medium/long-haul distances and international destinations.

The city is served by a major international airport, located just under 7km to the north-west.
With around 10 million passengers in transit every year, it is the sixth most important airport in all of France.
Excellent direct connections with the main European destinations. Equally high are the quality standards for services for families and people with reduced mobility.


Toulouse-Matabiau is the main train station of the city, located in the center, and well connected to the rest of the country.
The building was inaugurated in the early 1900s.
Around 10 million passengers pass through here every year.

The train is an excellent solution to reach the city, especially from medium-range distances. From here, in fact, there are numerous Intercity and TGV lines that connect Matabiau with Carcassone, Montauban, Paris, up to the Spanish Barcelona.
The station is also connected, from inside and outside, with the metro line A.


The French city is served by a particularly modern and efficient road and motorway network that allows you to arrive from all over the country.
The A20 motorway is the main artery allowing you to reach Paris to the north. The total journey is about 680km.
Marseille, to the east, is approximately 400km, via Montpellier.
As many are needed to get there from Barcelona, crossing the border at Le Perhus. Alternatively, you can go through Andorra, about 200km away.
Bordeaux, to the north-east, on the other hand, is only 250 km away, almost exclusively on the A62, with a travel time of about two and a half hours.

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