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See in Thessaloniki, main monuments and attractions. What to do and see

See in Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki is still a city quite far from the main tourist routes and, for this very reason, it manages to convey an authentic and genuine feeling of Greece of the past.

A past that, very often, seems to appear almost by chance, in the midst of modern buildings and palaces. And, perhaps, it is precisely this peculiarity that makes it truly unique in the eyes of the visitor.

The splendid Byzantine and early Christian churches are the testimony in Greece of over a millennium of history. It is from some of these places that you should start if you are looking for what to see in Thessaloniki.
And not only.



What to See in Thessaloniki White Tower

Iconic place and symbol of the city, the White Tower is a historic Ottoman fortress, as well as an old prison. It stands on the seafront, in a suggestive position near the Alexander Park.
A spiral staircase allows you to cross the 6 floors of the tower-fortress, inside which a permanent exhibition on the history of Thessaloniki from its foundation to the present day is set up.
Do not miss the top floor, outside, with spectacular views of the whole city.
The Tower can be visited every day, from Monday to Sunday, from 08:30 to 15:30.

Tickets cost €8 at standard rate, and €4 reduced. From November to March 50% discount on the price.
From July 2021 a special combined ticket is available, with access also to the Rotunda, the archaeological museum and the Museum of Byzantine Culture. It costs €15 per person and is valid for 3 days from the first use.
FREE admission every first Sunday of the month, from November to March.


Statue of Alexander in Thessaloniki

Photo, pxfuel

Man. Hero. A historical figure like a saint. Alexander the Great is the quintessential character of Greece and Thessaloniki has dedicated what is the most beautiful area of ​​the city to him. Not a real garden, but a walkway over the sea, among splendid fountains, the tower-fortress, the splendid statue of Alexander and the National Resistance Monument in honor of heroism during the occupation in the Second World War.
A pleasant walk at sunset offers truly enchanting views. One of the must-see places on what to see in Thessaloniki.


A splendid and majestic square overlooking the sea, surrounded by elegant buildings, clubs and cafes.
It is the real nerve center of Thessaloniki, not far from the main markets (Modiano and Kapani), from the historic Panagia Chalkeon Church and Bey Haman.
The latter is another place not to be missed, although not always open. Literally “Heavenly Baths“, they are the largest Turkish hammam in all of Greece!



The so-called “Lost Gardens” date back to the early 1900s and due to their characteristics have been compared to the work of Gaudi and his Park Guell. Inside, in fact, unusual architecture and stone structures with particular shapes (even if semi-destroyed) are preserved.
They are located between the acropolis and the Agios Demetrios hospital, reachable both by bus and on foot, along a not too demanding uphill road.


Pýrgos Alýseos Thessaloniki

Photo ©, Falk2

Heptapyrgion dominates the whole city, with a truly suggestive and fascinating view of the surrounding environment.
It is a Byzantine fort with several towers, overlooking the acropolis of the city.
Along the ancient walls you can admire all the main monuments of Thessaloniki.
To reach the ancient area, you cross ancient, narrow and picturesque streets. Two doors give access to the walls: the Trigonion is the gate built around the middle of the 14th century by Anna Paleologina, a Byzantine empress who had settled in Thessaloniki.
Cafes and clubs offer a good opportunity to take a break, especially during the ascent from the lower part.
Those who do not want to walk can also reach the top by public transport.

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