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Thessaloniki. Get in by plain, car or train from main european destinations


The Capital of Northern Greece!

Splendid mansions and nineteenth-century architecture. Ancient churches. Beautiful museums and monuments. Thessaloniki is a place that conquers at first glance. An important city, as well as a lively cultural center, with lots of trendy shops and clubs in which to spend time.

In this very place, important events are organized every year that attract many visitors from all over Europe. Above all, the renowned September International Fair.

Commercial and cultural center of primary importance, and the second most populous city in all of Greece, after the capital. Despite this, the city still remains far from the major tourist flows. Especially when compared to Athens. All this makes a holiday in Thessaloniki ideal. Less chaotic than the other Greek destinations, and also cheaper. Ideal for discovering the North and the splendid region of Macedonia, and the Clcidica peninsula, through places of great charm and suggestion.

A holiday in Thessaloniki certainly leaves its mark.




The best way to reach the city is by plane. Makedonia-Thessaloniki International Airport is located about 15 kilometers from the city center and is one of the busiest airports in the country. Numerous companies operate direct connections with the main European destinations.

Once landed, you can use buses or the more expensive taxis to get to the center.


Quite desolate, disorganized and lacking in information points. Many complain about the conditions, far from perfect, of the central railway station. Here are some of the reasons why the train is not the best solution to get to Greece; in particular from Western Europe. After all, the Greek railway system is not exactly the best.

From the main destinations in Eastern Europe, the times are already long enough. From the capital of Bulgaria, with the ArdaTur Piraeus trains, it takes almost 6 hours to arrive, without making changes. Sofia is the base to arrive also from Bucharest, Serbia and Hungary, with too long a time.


The car is a good solution especially for those wishing to tackle a trip on The Road in Northern Greece and along the Region of Macedonia, even going to Turkey (or vice versa).

Coming from Western European destinations, the only option to be considered is having Athens as a basis. The distance is about 500 kilometers, for the most part, along the E75. Sofia, is about 300 kilometers, while Bucharest, about 650. Even from Belgrade, you can drive to Thessaloniki on a not too long trip. There are about 630 kilometers that separate the two cities, passable, for the most part on A1 – E75.


It is not possible to arrive by ship in Thessaloniki. From the port only ferries leave the city with some Greek islands with the Aegean islands and Mikonos and Syron in the Cyclades.

The port is located right in the center of the city, easily accessible on foot. Passengers access from Pier 1 and 2, from Navarchou Kountouriotou and Salaminos.

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The City



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