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Getting around Sukhothai by bus, minivan tuk tuk. Rent a scooter

Getting around Sukhothai

Those wishing getting around Sukhotai in the new part of the city will have no problem doing it on foot or, alternatively, aboard minivans and traditional tuk tuks. ‘And also the possibility to rent scooters and reach the closest areas, such as the historic park.


More than buses, these are minivans or large tuk tuks that can accommodate about twenty people (or a little more). Generally with bus 1 (purple) it will be possible to reach the central bus station and drive entirely along Charodwithitong Rd, one of the main arteries. The ticket is around 10 baht

Anyone wishing to reach the Historic Park can use line 4 (blue). The stop is located at 2R57 + 8VW, Thani, Mueang Sukhothai District, Sukhothai 64000, right in front of a 7-eleven, a well-known local convenience store chain.
A trip from downtown to the Historic Park costs 30 baht per person.

Getting around Sukhothai

Photo ©, Alessandro Caproni


These are the traditional Thai three-wheeled vehicles, the same ones that whiz unruly through the streets of the capital, leaving behind clouds of gray smoke.
Tourists never go unnoticed by drivers who often try to drag them inside the vehicle for a ride around town, or an excursion to the nearby Historic Park. If you plan to get there by tuk tuk, you shouldn’t pay more than 300/350 baht. They will generally try to steal at least 500 baht from you.


On the route of bus 4 you will find several agencies for renting scooters. Excellent solution for getting around Sukhothai in total autonomy without spending a fortune. On the contrary.
Prasert Motorbike is located a few hundred meters from the bus stop for the Historic Park. It offers clean and very competitive prices: around 250 baht (just over 6€) per day to rent a scooter.

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