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Beaches of Sitges. The best on the Catalan coast. How to get

Beaches of Sitges

The beaches of Sitges are by far the stars of a holiday along the Catalan coast.
In total there are at least 17 sandy beaches, many of them in the city and easy to access.

Despite being half an hour away by train, the coast of Sitges has very little comparable to that of Barcelona. Precisely for this reason, many from Barcelona move to nearby Castelldefels or “stretch” in Sitges.

The offer in terms of beaches and sea is really wide and suitable for all needs. Naturally, the offer expands considerably with natural beaches and those intended for the gay community.



San Sebastian Beach in Sitges - Spain

Photo ©, Mike McBey

San Sebastian is rightfully among the best beaches of Sitges that you shouldn’t miss during your holiday. It is certainly one of the most renowned and famous, thanks to its central location.
A not particularly large beach, with sand and rocks, and a rather clean sea.
A beautiful corner of the city.


From Passeig Maritim to Passeig de la Ribera there are about 4 km of stretches of sand ready to welcome locals and tourists.
The beaches in the center, thanks to the quality of their waters, all have the Blue Flag recognition, but, given the ease of access and location, they are the most crowded.
They are also fully equipped beaches, with services, umbrellas, deck chairs.


Best beaches of Sitges

Photo ©, G.M Kowalewska

Platja Cellerot, small and discreet, rises at the beginning of the street and precedes the suggestive Platja de les Anquines. It is a calm beach and particularly suitable for children because it is closed by a breakwater with the subsequent Platja Terramar. Being further away from the center, they are less chaotic beaches and more suitable for those wishing to avoid the crowds.
Just behind it, the Terramar is a beautiful park, ideal for spending a few hours in total relaxation, or walking in the greenery. For the kids, there are rides and slides.

Calm and fairly clear water also in Playa de la Barra, also suitable for children and families.
The long stretch of sand of Platja de l’Estanyol and the following Platja de Sitges, the last beaches before de la Ribera, and closest to the center.
Super equipped, and, of course, crowded.


Numerically smaller than Passeig Maritim, the beaches located along the boulevard are the closest to the center.
Playa de la Balsa Redonda is quite small and is mainly a gay-friendly beach (nudism is not practiced). Platja de la Ribera and Platja de la Fregata are the most interesting, with the beautiful promenade behind them, the golden sand, the calm and shallow waters and the suggestive Church of Santa Tecla in the background.


Sitges is a lively, tolerant, gay-friendly city. Its sparkling and libertine atmosphere is breathed almost everywhere, especially in the evening. During the day, however, you can relax on the three main beaches intended for the gay community and lovers of nudism.

Platja dels Balmins best gay-friendly beaches in Sitges


The 3 beaches are located further from the center.
Platja dels Balmins and Platja d’Aiguadolç are located in the east.
In both beaches nudism is not practiced exclusively and they are not the exclusive prerogative of the gay community. Not surprisingly, Balmins was initially born as a heterosexual beach. It is located just 10 minutes from the central Platja de San Sebastián.
A little further on is Platja d’Aiguadolç just 15 minutes away.

On the opposite side, along the western area, there is one of the most famous beaches in Sitges, with a not very reassuring name: Playa del Hombre Muerto. Is located about 45 minutes from the center and can be reached via a steep path up to walking along the rails !!!
Once the beach was made up almost exclusively of nudists but, today, almost half of the visitors no longer practice it.
It remains one of the quieter beaches in Sitges, with clear water and many pebbles.

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