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Salzburg Transport Tickets bus, train, funicular and public transport

Salzburg Transport Tickets

To travel on buses, trains and trolleybuses, there are really many types of Salzburg tickets, suitable for all needs. The Kurzstrecke is a ticket valid for short distances. It allows you to make a trip for a maximum of 2 stops in the city center, and only one stop on the regional buses. Sold only in a 5-trip booklet, at a cost of €5.50 (€1.10 per ticket). Einzelfahrt Kernzone, is a ticket valid for a single journey, in one direction. You can make several movements with different means, always in one direction. It is not allowed to go back. It costs €3.00 at full rate, and €10.50 in the 5-trip booklet version (€2.10 per trip).

Stunderkarten is a ticket valid for 60 minutes after validation. You can use all the means you want, within 60 minutes. Remember, however, that the journey must end 60 minutes after validation. If you validate the ticket, for example, at 2.35 pm, you will have to get out of the vehicle by 3.35 pm. It costs €2.20 in the standard version, and € 1.50 for children.
24 Stundenkarte Kernzone, is a ticket valid for 24 hours from the moment of validation. With it, you can travel on the means of transport in the central area of ​​Salzburg. The standard ticket costs €4.50, reduced for children €3.60. We do not recommend buying it on board the vehicle because it costs 6.50€!
Wochenkarten Kernzone, valid on vehicles in the center of Salzburg, is a pass valid for 7 days, starting from a day of your choice. It costs € 19.00, and does not include reductions. Cannot be purchased on board.

Salzburg Transport Tickets

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Please note that the Salzburg tickets, just listed, are valid on Buses, Albuses and trains. They do not include access to the funicular, boat and elevators.

Furthermore, the Salzburg tickets in the KERNZONE version are valid exclusively for the downtown area, where most of the attractions are concentrated.


Salzburg tickets can be purchased easily and simply through the numerous vending machines (see photo) and merchants. You will also be able to purchase tickets via your smartphone and on the internet.

Single-journey tickets and day tickets can also be purchased on board the bus and trolleybus. We recommend this mode only in exceptional cases as it is often required to pay a surcharge.

Always remember to validate the ticket in the appropriate machine, BEFORE STARTING THE JOURNEY.


The “Salzburg Card” is the key to access the city; excellent for getting around Salzburg, and visiting the main attractions, museums and monuments of the city. These include free admission to the museums of Salzburg, free use of the funicular on the Fortress, the cable car on the Untersberg, the boat on the Salzach river and public transport. Furthermore, holders of the Salzburg Card will receive numerous concessions for concerts, theatrical performances and excursion destinations in the surrounding area. In our opinion, it represents an excellent savings opportunity.

The card is available in three different denominations, the prices of which vary according to the period of use. From May to October, the 24h Card costs €30; the 48h card costs €39, while the 72h version costs €45. From November to April, the 24h Card costs €27; the 48h card costs €35, while the 72h version costs €40. 50% reduction for children aged between 6 and 15 years.

You can buy the Salzburg Card at many hotels, at the ticket offices in Salzburg, at the airport, at the central station, at the P + R Salzburg Süd car park, at all information offices in and around Salzburg.

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