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Saint Petersburg. How to get by train, car. Info, distances, connections

Saint Petersburg

“St. Petersburg is the most abstract and premeditated city in the entire terrestrial globe”. This is how the great Dostoevsky called it in 1864 in one of his books (Memoirs from the Underground).

Saint Petersburg, today, is a lively, young and extremely suggestive place; a cultured and fascinating city, with beautiful architecture and prestigious theaters, a source of inspiration for writers of the caliber of Pushkin and Dostoevsky.

A city that was built entirely on water, at the behest of Pietro the Great, representing a real “window to the West”. Thanks to its precious geographical position it is one of the most important ports in the world.

An ideal destination between June and July, when you can admire the suggestive phenomenon of white nights, with the sunset that meets the dawn. Absolutely amazing! And a real festival with events and initiatives focused on the white nights.

Saint Petersburg



If your idea is to spend just one weekend, or a short vacation, the plane is the only viable solution to get to St. Petersburg.
Located about 25 km from the city center, the airport is well connected with direct flights to numerous European and non-European destinations.
From the airport, by taxi and by bus, you can easily reach the center, at fairly cheap prices.


In the city there are 5 train stations. Of these, the most important are Moskovsky located in Ploshad ’Vosstanja and Vitebski, from which the metro passes.

There are numerous, and frequent, national connections, with Moscow and the main Russian destinations. From the capital, it takes less than 4 hours with the Sepsan fast train.
Belarus, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Poland are the countries connected by direct trains with the Russian city.
From Helsinki it takes just over 3 and a half hours to reach its destination. From Tallin, about 7. Major, obviously, travel times to Brest, Warsaw, Berlin.

Less rapid and comfortable than the plane, the train is undoubtedly a solution of great charm and charm. Taking into account the long journey times, especially from the West.


A long, almost endless journey awaits you if you want to reach St. Petersburg by car.
The Russian city is connected to the rest of the country by a ring road and several federal roads.
You can hardly plan a direct trip to The Road for Saint Petersburg. Unless you come from Helsinki or Tallin, around 370km away; or Riga, at just under 600.
Already from Warsaw and Kiev, the 1000 kilometers are abundantly exceeded.

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The City



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