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See at the Royal Palace of Caserta and getting around by bike bus

See at the Royal Palace of Caserta

Like Versailles, the Royal Palace of Caserta is one of the most majestic buildings in the world.

Elegant. Regal. Absolutely magnificent. It represents a wonderful example of 18th century Italian architecture. Since 1997 it has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO with the Carolino Aqueduct and the San Leucio Belvedere.

Its extraordinary beauty is the result of the creative genius of Luigi and Carlo Vanvitelli. And, of course, of Charles of Bourbon, the King of Naples, whose vision would change the entire territory forever.

The Palace, with 33 other cultural sites, is also part of the “Travels in the World Heritage” project, promoted by UNESCO, to enhance some sites of the European Union. More info from here.

What to See at Royal Palace of Caserta


For a more specific and detailed search, refer as usual to the official channels, including the palace website, which provides exhaustive information on what to see at Royal Palace of Caserta.
The visit to the Complex requires at least half a day.
You can admire the Royal apartments, among which the Throne Room and the Hall of the Halberdiers stand out.
The Court Theatre, built at the time to host royal parties, is truly wonderful.


The ideal place on what to see at Royal Palace of Caserta if you are with your children.
During the beautiful days you can walk, cycle and, of course, have picnics surrounded by nature.
Inside the park there is the possibility of renting bikes at a cost of €4 per hour for traditional ones and €6 per hour for electric ones. 50% discount starting from the third hour.

The park is home to beautiful fountains including the Margherita fountain from which the path leading to the English Garden begins, an absolutely unmissable place on what to see at the Royal Palace of Caserta. There are only beautiful woods, fountains, lakes and species to admire.


Getting around Royal Palace Of Caserta

Thinking of being able to visit the entire Park on foot is pure utopia, considering the enormous extension.
The bike is an excellent solution, particularly suitable if you visit the Royal Palace of Caserta with children.
Alternatively, there are electric shuttles that leave from the entrance and reach the Fountain of Diana and Actaeon, making two intermediate stops.
The ticket can be purchased directly on board or near the bus, and costs €2.50 return. There are no reductions.
Just keep in mind that there is a bit of queuing, especially on weekends and holidays.

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