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Getting around Rotterdam by metro, tram, bus. Info, transport tickets

Getting around Rotterdam

The best way for getting around Rotterdam? Without a doubt the bike. Public transportation, however, is extremely valuable and efficient, allowing you to reach every corner of the city.


Efficiency, low costs and an incredibly good network, in line with the Netherlands principles.
All the main city streets have a special lane for the two wheels, allowing you to move around Rotterdam freely and without worries.
OV-fiets it’s the most convenient way to rent a bike across the Netherlands. You will have around 300 points across the country, including Rotterdam.
The rental stations are located at various strategic points such as central bus, metro and P+R areas.
To use the service you must register for FREE on the official website, entering the data of a valid credit card. Subsequently, by purchasing an OV-Chipkaart (read at the end), you can upload your OV-FIETS.

Bikes in Rotterdam

The rental rate for 24h is €3.85. After 72h of use, you pay an amount of 5.00€.
If you intend to return a bike to a city other than the one you rent, you will pay additional 10€.
Often, at peak times, we will have to wait at least 10 minutes for a bike. It is still the most popular medium, by the Dutch, to move to Rotterdam.


The metro is the most efficient and fast way to travel in Rotterdam from north to south and from east to west.
Every day, from Monday to Sunday, the 5 metro lines are active A, B, C, D, E,identified, on a map, from as many different colors.

The first three lines connect east and west. The last two, north and south. The station of Beurs, is the interchange of all the 5 metropolitan lines.
The metro is active every day, from 05:30 around until midnight, with frequencies also of 3/4 minutes at peak times.


Getting around Rotterdam

In the city, 10 lines are active every day, ideal for getting around Rotterdam throughout the day.
The trams, in general, observe the same times of the metro, operating from early morning to midnight.
Metro, tram and most of the bus lines are operated by RET (Rotterdamse Electrische Tram).

Buses are, on the other hand, an excellent option to reach the most remote areas and neighborhoods that can not be reached by tram and metro. Unlike the latter, the service is managed between three different companies.

The night lines run on Fridays and Saturdays. BOB. In total, there are 8 lines, identified by the letter B, in service after the 01:00, up to 05:00, with an hour frequency. To travel to Rotterdam by night bus, you need to buy a specific ticket at the cost of 5.60€ on OV-Chipkaart or, alternatively, 6.00€ on board.


The cheapest way to travel on transport and move to Rotterdam is to buy one OV-Chipkaart. This special card allows you to travel on public transport simply by charging credit. You can take advantage of special rates for each kilometer made. Costa 7.50€ per person.

By purchasing this card, in the urban area of Rotterdam, you will pay a base fee of 1.01€ (reduced 0.67€), plus 0.155 for each kilometer (reduced, 0.102€).
Children up to 3 not completed, always travel for free. Over 65 and boys from 3 up to 11 years, pay the reduced rate.

The OV-Chipkaart can not be used on boats.

Who does not want to buy the card, can opt for the DAILY PASS. It costs 9.00€ in the standard version and €4.50 reduced and allows you to make trips on all buses, trams and metro in Rotterdam, during the day. It is not a ticket from 24h: in fact, from the moment of validation, up to 01:00 at night. Not valid on BOB buses and boats.
RET 2 UUR, instead, it allows you to make unlimited travel within 2 hours from the first validation. At the end of the 2nd hour, in case of further interchange, you will have other 15′ available to finish the trip. It costs 4.00€ and can also be purchased on board the vehicle.

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