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Rio Galeao Airport. Info, direct flights, connections to Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Rio Galeao Airport

Rio Galeao is an international airport serving the city of Rio de Janeiro, which is just under 20 km away. It is the second busiest airport in all of Brazil.

It is connected, with direct flights, to the main European and non-European capitals, and to numerous world destinations. Inside the terminals there are numerous, shopping areas, duty-free, refreshment points, bars, a VIP lounge and all the main essential services.

If you are traveling with children, there are special areas (perfectly marked) with recreational spaces and games for the little ones. The main areas, open 24 hours a day, are located on the second floor of T2.

Rio Galeao Airport

Photo ©, Portal da Copa /Governo Federal Brasileiro / Daniel Basil

Here is the list of direct connections* with Rio Galeao Airport

ARGENTINA: Buenos Aires–Aeroparque, Buenos Aires–Ezeiza, Córdoba, Rosario.
BRAZIL: Aracaju, Belém, Brasília, Campinas, Fortaleza, Foz do Iguaçu, Jericoacoara, João Pessoa, Maceió, Manaus, Natal, Porto Seguro, Recife, Salvador da Bahia, São Paulo–Guarulhos.
CHILE: Santiago de Chile.
ENGLAND: London–Heathrow.
FRANCE: Paris–Charles de Gaulle.
PANAMA: Panama City–Tocumen.
PARAGUAY: Asunción.
PERÚ: Lima.
PORTUGAL: Lisbon, Porto.
UAE: Dubai–International.
USA: Atlanta, Houston–Intercontinental, Miami, New York–JFK.


From Rio Galeao Airport, there are numerous options to reach the center and the main points of interest such as Copacabana or Ipanema.


Without a doubt the best and most comfortable solution to reach your destination. Many Rio hotels offer a transfer service to/from the airport; this service can be paid or included in the price of the stay. Our advice is to check in advance.

Miramar Hotel by Windsor, in Copacabana, is one of our recommended properties for value for money. In this case, it also offers a transfer service, for a fee, to Rio de Janeiro Galeao. Info and reservations from here.


TransCarioca BRT Bus Rio Galeao Airport

Photo ©, Rodrigo Bethlem

Public transport is certainly the cheapest solution but, in our opinion, totally discouraged. Buses often do not have space for luggage that you will have to load with you on the vehicle. Furthermore, the route passes through areas that are not recommended and which, probably, you will not be familiar with. A trip to Brazil will certainly not be cheap and it is certainly not worth risking for a few euros. For the record, here are some means that you can use to reach the Rio de Janeiro Galeao airport.

There is no direct metro line connecting the Rio de Janeiro Galeao airport. You can use the BRT bus line from Rio Galeao Airport to Vicente de Carvalho and then continue with line 2. Alternatively, by bus to Jiardim Oceanico to take line 4.

The Transcarioca BRT line is active every day, from 04:00 in the morning until midnight, with a frequency of about 30 minutes. The ticket costs 5.05R$ (about 0.80€) per person. The next metro ticket, on the other hand, costs 5.80R$ (about €1).


Taxis are the quickest and most importantly recommended solution. The prices are not excessive and, above all, they are safer than public transport. As soon as you set foot outside the terminal, you will be literally stormed by the various employees. Outside the airport you will find only regular taxis.

Taxis do not have a meter because the price varies only according to the journey. Generally, a ride to Copacabana or Ipanema costs around R $110, just under €30. A supplement of a few euros is required for luggage. You will always have to pay in cash and in the local currency. At the airport you can easily withdraw with your credit card in one of the various ATMs present.

 The list is subject to change. All the links, updated, can be consulted on the official riogaleao website

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