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Visit Rhodes. Best places, cities, villages, monuments and attractions

Visit Rhodes

Visit Rhodes, not means only sun, sea and relaxation. A quick and fleeting glimpse of Rhodes Town, the capital, is enough to understand what this fascinating island of the Dodecanese might reserve.
Large buildings, medieval walls, acropolis, mythical cities, enchanted forests. This, and more, will wait for you, in case you decide to visit Rhodes. An island with a glorious past.

During your holiday, you can stroll around reliving history in the magical castle of Rhodes; or, you can get lost in the characteristic and evocative streets of Lindos. In the evening, however, you’ll be spoiled for choice between Rhodes Town and Faliraki.

Besides offering sea and fun, the island has many archaeological and historical finds, having lived a glorious past being the most important gateway between East and West.



Beautiful and charming by day; magical and suggestive in the evening: welcome to Rhodes Town. We are sure that you will never get tired of the wonderful capital, located at the northern end of the island. A truly beautiful city, full of restaurants, clubs and luxury hotels. Visiting Rhodes Town, however, means literally walking through history. And it is the old part, inside the medieval walls, which reserves the most incredible surprises.

The walls surrounding the medieval part of the city were built for defensive purposes around the 14th century. They represent a true masterpiece of medieval architecture. Access to the city was guaranteed by the Gate of Amboise, erected in the 1512, and from Port Marina; fascinating is the walk under the walls, where you can admire the cannon balls used to defend the city. The walk at sunset, or in the evening, is even more magical and evocative.

Beyond the medieval walls, there are many shops, restaurants and some meeting places for young people who like to spend a few hours in the evening, between a drink and an aperitif

A place with timeless charm. And it does not matter if the vendors and stalls think little or nothing to do with this magical context.

Visit of Rhodes
You can get lost in the beautiful narrow streets, and the beautiful squares, in search of fascinating and suggestive views.
Walking through the streets of the center, you have to sweat not just for a front row seat near the Ippokratous Fountain, in the center of the square, the ancient market of the city. There are many who inevitably stop here for a customary photo. Bello also Castellania, a splendid 500 building.

Visit Rhodes Town also means savoring the Ottoman past. The beautiful Turkish quarter with its mosques, minarets, typical shops and houses with arches keeps the charm and the oriental flavor intact. Here, beautiful, is Dzami Souleïman, that is, the Mosque of Suleiman the Magnificent. It was built in the early nineteenth century on a pre-existing site. It is not the only one you will meet in the neighborhood.

South of the Turkish quarter, the Palace of the Grand Masters of the Knights of Rhodes, It is probably, the symbolic place of the city. World Heritage Site, the building is the culmination of the fortifications.

Visit Rhodes
The Palace of the Grand Masters of the Knights of Rhodes is located in Rhodes town (in the old part) and represents the culmination of the fortifications as well as the heritage of mankind.

The palace was built in the fourteenth century, turned into a prison in the Ottoman period, before being destroyed in the 1856. It was raised again in 1937 by the Italian architect Vittorio Mesturino, and its reconstruction ended in 1940, just before the Italians left the island.

From the majestic building, the imposing towers immediately stand out, one of the few original elements of the whole complex. This splendid palace was the nerve center of the “Collachium”, the district of the riders, as well as an extreme refuge for the city population in moments of danger. Inside there are battle memorabilia, furniture, furnishings, and even the armor of the knights of Rhodes.

The visiting hours of the building are from 08:00 to 19:40, and the entry fee is 6,00€

Access is possible from several points to the castle, but, by the main door, bring up Ippoton road, a stone’s throw from the port of Rhodes city; outside there are parking spaces and motorcycles.

Rhodes Archaelogical Museum

Photo ©, Saliko

A few hundred meters, there is the Archaeological Museum of Rhodes hosted since 1916 in the building of the Hospital of the Knights, in the Museum square, near the city’s port.

The building is very beautiful, in Gothic style and with Renaissance elements; It was designed with attention to nature, and within it are archaeological finds from different areas of Rhodes. It was built in the 1489 by the Grand Master de Lastic, and was completed 49 years later by Master D’Aubosson. The museum contains artifacts found mostly on the place and in the surrounding islands

The central square is beautiful, with an impressive leonine statue marble and mosaic floors belonging to a church on the island of Karpathos, of early Christianity (5th century). On the second floor, memorabilia of the epoch of the Knights.

The museum, on the whole, turns out to be really very interesting. We are sure that you will be satisfied, as it is one of the most visited places every year by millions of tourists arriving on the island of Rhodes.

Winter visiting hours: from 08:30 to 15:00, except Mondays (during winter).
Summer: from 08:00 to 19:40 from Tuesday to Sunday, from 09:00 to 15:40 on Monday.

Prices: 6,00€ for adults; Free for children and students.


Photo ©, Magdalena Siuty

Another unmissable appointment is the visit of the port of Rhodes; you will see the place where once stood the Colossus of Rhodes, in the port of Mandráki. There are numerous hypotheses about the majestic bronze statue, one of the seven wonders of the world, well 32 meters high. Today, you will find two columns surmounted by bronze deer, which became a symbol of the city. The charming and mythical port area opens onto the pier of Saint Nichols with its three Byzantine windmills.

The Acropolis of Rhodes, develops only three kilometers away from the center of the capital, in the Park of Monte Smith. An unmissable appointment for those who want to visit Rhodes, above all because it stands on a really beautiful and suggestive panoramic point. Inserted in a splendid natural and landscape context, it includes an area where the Temple of Apollo was located, and today it has been partially rebuilt. The archaeological excavations carried out between the 1912 and the 45 have brought to light the stadium and a small theater.

The new city of Rhodes Town, is the area preferred by young people looking for entertainment; this part rises outside the castle walls, offering plenty of opportunities to have fun. Here you will find restaurants and bars where you can eat typical dishes such as Greek salad with feta, gyros-pita or meat or fish dishes; many shops where you can shop or buy souvenirs. The nightlife here is full of trendy clubs and nightclubs that will allow youngsters to go wild with music.



Photo ©, Norbert Nagel

A monastery in an absolutely fantastic setting, with a wonderful view of Kolymbia and the homonymous beach. A truly unique and incredible scenario that partly compensates the effort to reach the place. To get to the monastery, in fact, you will need to climb 300 steps!

You go along the main road and when you reach the middle of the hill, the climb begins. Part of the route is bordered by pine trees; it is advisable, however, to avoid the hottest hours of the day and to wear comfortable clothes. A hat and water should not be missing. The monastery is frequented by the faithful of Our Lady of Tsambika, to whom the propitiatory prayers for a child are addressed!


Lindos Rhodes Island
The picturesque city of Lindos, with its Acropolis in which the impressive stands out Temple of Minerva Lindia, is one of the most beautiful places on this island, able to offer a breathtaking view.

Under the acropolis there is this charming village made of white cubic houses, dating back to 3 thousand years ago; the center is a succession of streets and incredible streets, among artisan shops, luxury B & B, typical restaurants. Here, it is not difficult to cross old people sitting outside their homes intent on “animated reasoning” with other seniors … who will have, who knows, 90 or maybe 100 years!

Also worthy of note is the beauty of the mosaic courtyards with white and black pebbles.

The famous Castle of the Knights It is visible from afar, majestic, with its high rock walls 105 meters. Our advice is to reach the top: it’s tiring, but it’s really worth it, if only for the glimpse that gives

Lindos is also famous for “Houses of the captains”, built by people who in the previous century had accumulated fortune working in the marine trade.

Traditional floors decorated in bowls (Hochlaki) they are everywhere present, and you can notice them on the steps of the Captains Houses and in their interiors; not to be missed, the beautiful churches, adorned with particular care with the magnificent Byzantine paintings.

It is really worth to dedicate one or even two days to visit this wonderful village, near which you can also find beautiful beaches.

Lindos is 55km away from Rhodes Town: it is preferable to get there by car (with air-conditioning if possible, since the summer temperatures are very high); remember that you should leave the car in the parking areas before arriving in the square of Lindos, as then you can not continue because the traffic ban is in force.

There are also gods bus tour organized by local agencies in the center of Rhodes that allow you to visit Lindos in the day and return to the hotel in the evening.

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