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Poznan transport tickets, season tickets, city cards. Where to buy

Poznan transport tickets

The term STREFA found on the maps indicates the tariff zone. To move around Poznan, you move almost exclusively within ZONE A. This covers the area of ​​the city, with the exception of the Poznań-Wielkie stop. The airport is also located within Zone A.

The cost of the ticket is the same for buses, trams and night lines. For a single ride, you can buy the Bilety jednorazowe, available in three different types, depending on the duration:

  • 15 minutes, 4.00zl
  • 45 minutes, 6.00zl
  • 90 minutes, 8.00zl.

Poznan Transport Tickets

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With a 45-minute single-ride ticket, you can, for example, move from the airport to the center of Poznan; the trip, in this case, cannot exceed 45 ‘from validation.

If you travel frequently, you can opt for the Bilety krótkookresowe, which are 24 or 168 hour passes. They cost, respectively, 15.00zl and 50.00zl for Zone A only.
The 24-hour ticket is also an excellent solution for those traveling to Poznan over the weekend. In fact, if validated from 20.00 on Friday until 24.00 on Saturday, IT WILL ALWAYS BE VALID UNTIL 24.00 on Sunday: in practice you will travel all weekend with only one ticket.

By validating two 24-hour Poznan transport tickets SIMULTANEOUSLY, a maximum of 3 children up to 15 years of age can travel FREE !!


It is a special card that combines transport, museums, and entertainment in the city. Thanks to the Poznan Card, you can freely access all means of transport, and enter the main city museums and art galleries. You can take advantage of discounts and agreements at restaurants and shops.
It is available in three different cuts. The 1 day card costs 49.00PLN. The 2-day card costs 65.00PLN and, finally, the 3-day card, 79.00 PLN.
The Poznan card can also be purchased in the version without transport included with a small economic difference.


You can buy Poznan transport tickets in cash, or by credit card, at the main automatic machines. The machines are located at the airport and in the main stations.

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