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Getting around Poznan on foot, car, bus, tram, taxi, train. Lines

Getting around Poznan

The center of Poznan is not particularly extensive and you will not have difficulty getting around on foot.
Alternatively, you can use public transport, both day and night, or taxis.
It is not recommended to move around Poznan on site. If you were to arrive in the city with your vehicle, it would be better to leave it in the parking lot (perhaps choosing a structure that offers it in the price!).

Getting Around Poznan


There are 21 trams in the city. These are the most used vehicles because they mainly serve the central area of ​​Poznan. The trams operate Monday to Sunday from approximately 05:00 to 23:00 on the main routes.


The lines operate at the same times as the trams. Buses mainly connect the center with the suburbs.


For getting around Poznan at night, you can use the 24 night lines, which run from midnight until 05:00 in the morning.
Two trams (201 and 202) and 22 buses are in operation. No surcharge is applied to travel on night vehicles, and you can use common tickets.


Taxis are readily available at the airport or station. Itaxi is the official app, available for iOS, Android and the Huawei AppGallery.
Official vehicles can be identified by the sign and the presence of the taximeter on board.
The prices, in comparison to the city public transport, are decidedly very high but, at the same time, they are decidedly lower than the rates applied in the main European capitals.
In any case, the taxi could be a good solution for getting around Poznan if you are traveling with two or more people.

A trip of about 5 kilometers costs just over €4.
In principle, taxis offer the following fares:

  • Call cost: 6.05zł
  • Cost per mile: 4.83zł
  • Cost for each hour of waiting: 31.60zł

Additional fees may apply for the airport and/or the transport of large luggage.

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