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Parking in Catania and best rates and areas for car parking

Parking in Catania

Traffic and parking are two major problems that afflict the city of Catania.

Parking in Catania, especially at certain times, becomes truly disheartening. Finding free parking in the center and on the blue lines becomes a real challenge and, too often, you come across wild parking and illegal parking.

Catania public transport, on the other hand, works. And good too.
Cars pollute. Fuel has reached crazy prices…
All reasons why it is not worth moving around the city by car.


Manganelli Square and Parking in Catania

Photo ©, Carlo Pelagalli

If you are traveling by car and wish to visit the city during the day, ATMS (Catania public transport company) provides numerous car parks connected to public transport.
The prices are really cheap.
It is therefore useless to go all the way to the center and search for some free places. You leave your car in one of the car parks and continue by bus.

Here are the two best areas to park in Catania.


The car park is located on the outskirts, in Via Lo Jacono, 8 kilometers north of Piazza del Duomo.
It runs every day from 04:45 in the morning until midnight and is FREE FOR THOSE WHO PURCHASE A TICKET for transport.
In practice, you just need to buy a common 90′ ticket at a cost of €1 to park in Catania for FREE.
The following bus lines depart from the car park:

  • BRT1 line to Piazza Stesicoro, right in the center. From 06.15 to 23.45.
  • Line 101 for San Giovanni Galermo and Ognina. Every day from 06.10 to 15.10.
  • Line 701 to San Giovanni Galermo. From 05.30 to 23.15.


The Catania car park for all those heading to the international airport. Around 2200 parking spaces and low-cost prices: just €0.50 for each hour, and €2.50 for the whole day.
Parking operates all day. The daily rate is valid until 11.59pm on the day you enter. Starting from midnight you start paying €0.50 per hour up to a maximum of €2.50 per day.

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