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Rive droite Paris. What to do and see. Best places and monuments

Rive Droite Paris

The Rive Droite Paris itinerary, commits at least an entire day. It starts from Place de la Concorde until you get to Hôtel de Ville, used by us as a hypothetical border for a visit to the Marais.


We recommend leaving, from the stationary Concord of the Metro. From this area you will already be directed to three important places: Place de la Concorde, the Jardins de Tuileries and the Église de la Madeleine, in the homonymous square. Place de la Concorde, extends before the beautiful Jardins. It is, indeed, of considerable extension and, not surprisingly, it is the second largest square in all of France. In the center, theobelisk of Luxor. Beautiful at night: we recommend a nice ride on the big Ferris wheel.

The Jardins des Tuileries, they are the largest and oldest park in the whole city, a historic monument from the 1914 and declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Gardens represent the main axis that goes from Place de la Concorde e Defense, until the Louvre. It is the perfect park, for those who want to stretch their legs quickly between one appointment and the other; or, ideal for sunbathing or eating an outdoor baguette. Fountains, large basins and sculptures today represent the current structure of these gardens.


The Madeleine Church is a majestic neoclassical building, enclosed in a marvelous church, in the form of a Greek temple. Take a look: it’s open every day from 09:30 to 19. Outside, the flower market takes place and there are several “haute cuisine” shops. Overcome the octagonal and beautiful Place Vendôme, you arrive at another little gem of the Rive Droite Paris. This is the Baroque church of St-Roch, one of the richest sculptures and paintings in Paris, also known for this reason as the “parish of artists”. It has been declared a historical monument by the 1914. It is open every day from 08:30 to 19.

The French comedy and the Palais Royal are the following monuments, along the Rive Droite Paris, on which we invite more attention. To those who are fond of this kind, we would certainly not advise against visiting the beautiful Musée des Arts Décoratifs, which boasts numerous furniture, paintings and artefacts from the ‘600 to’ 900.

The Museum is open every day, except Mondays, from the 11:00 to the 18:00. The full-fare ticket, excluding any temporary exhibitions, costs 14€. Free for under 18.

The current building de The French Comedy, is the exact copy of the original one destroyed by the 1900 fire. If you were to attend a performance you can admire the “Statue of Voltaire” and other memorabilia. Shows on the billboard, and any timetables and reservations on the official website.


Photo, 2006 Marie-Lan Nguyen

The Palais Royal is a marvelous structure that houses the Council of State and the Institutional Council, and Room of French comedy. The entire complex is presented to the visitor, who can also access for free, as an elegant structure characterized by the Cour d’honneur, the long-name Jardin and the respective galleries (de Valois, de Beaujolais, de Montpensier, d’Orlèans). It is open, in winter, from 07:30 to 20:30 and in summer extending the closure to 22:30.

Mention deserves the Louvre: one of the most famous museums in the world and for which time is dedicated exclusively, as well as the Centre Pompidou, not very far or the Musée d’Orsay. Near the Louvre, drive to the Les Halles district, and if you are on time, enter the beautiful church of Saint Eustache, one of the most famous in all of Paris, built between the ‘500 and the’ 600.
The church closes at 19, and is always open starting from 09:30. It is a church in Gothic style, beautiful as its decorations and has a wonderful main facade. Really not to be missed.

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