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Paris Transport Tickets to travel by public means. Info, types, prices

Paris Transport Tickets

Given the size of the city, it is very likely that you will use public transport frequently during your travels. In this case, the Paris Visite pass (for 1 or more days) could be ideal. Tickets for a single trip are to be considered if you want to use public transport occasionally, or prefer to travel on foot, by bike or by alternative means.


It is a sort of travel pass, available in different types, depending on the area and duration. The Paris Visite pass can be considered one of the best solutions among Paris Transport tickets

PARIS VISITE for zones 1-3, is ideal for those wishing to move exclusively in the center of Paris. Most of the monuments and attractions are concentrated in these areas. Here are the prices:

  • 1 day: €12.00 adults, €6.00 reduced.
  • 2 days: €19.50 adults, €9.75 reduced.
  • 3 days: €26.65 adults, €13.30 reduced.
  • 5 days: €38.35 adults, €19.15 reduced.

PARIS VISITE 1-5, also allows you to reach airports, and destinations further away from the center, such as Versailles and Disneyland Paris. Here, the prices

  • 1 day: €25.25 adults, €12.60 reduced
  • 2 days: €38.35 adults, €19.15 reduced
  • 3 days: €53.75 adults, €26.85 reduced
  • 5 days: €65.80 adults, €32.90 reduced


Paris Transport Tickets machine

Photo ©, Andy Mabbett

Occasional travelers can opt for the ticket t+, which allows you to make a single journey on the metro, or combined on two means (METRO-METRO; METRO-RER; RER-RER lines A and B zone 1 only).
The ticket is valid for 2 hours from validation. Remember, however, that if you want to use two vehicles, you DO NOT HAVE TO EXIT THE STATION. When you get off the first vehicle, do not go to the exit, but follow the signs for the line you intend to take. Once you have exited, the ticket can no longer be validated.
The t + ticket is available and costs €1.90 per adult and €0.95 for children.

The t + ticket can also be used to travel around Paris by bus and tram. You can make a single trip, or a combined trip on two vehicles. Here are the possible combinations:
BUS-BUS RATP and OPTILE. BUS-TRAM. TRAM-TRAM. On these vehicles, the t + is valid for 90 minutes from the first validation.

ATTENTION: the t + is only valid in zones 1-3 of Paris.


The Billet Ile-de-France is used to make a single journey to reach a specific destination in zones 4 or 5. In this case, the fare varies depending on the ORIGIN and DESTINATION.

A trip by RER from Charles de Gaulle Etoile, downtown, to Disneyland Paris, for example, costs €7.60 per person (reduced, €3.80).


For some destinations such as Orly and Charles De Gaulle airports, a specific ticket must be purchased. A special ticket must also be purchased on the batobus. All information can be found on the specific pages relating to Parisian airports and the batobus, in our menu.


Tickets for public transport can be easily purchased at the numerous vending machines in the stations, and at the merchants displaying the RATP brand. Children from 4 to 10 years old pay the reduced rate. The vehicles are free for children up to 4 years old, as long as they are accompanied by a paying adult.

Anyone wishing to opt for a solution that includes means of transport, museums and attractions, will find in the PARIS PASS an excellent alternative. More info, through this link.

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