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Vignette Austria. Practical info, where to buy, prices and types

Vignette Austria

Anyone who has planned an on-the-road trip in Austria, or simply is about to use the Austrian motorway, must not forget to purchase the appropriate MANDATORY badge.

The so-called Vignette Austria is, in practice, a special prepaid mark (or vignette), mandatory for all vehicles up to 3.5 tons in weight. This badge must also be purchased only for crossing a short Austrian motorway section.

Therefore, even if Austria should not be the destination of your hypothetical on the road itinerary, Vignette Austria will still have to be purchased for the sole fact of having to cross the territory.

Vignette Austria Roads and Motorways

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The Vignette Austria is available in different types and costs vary according to your vehicle and the period of use. Here is the detail:

  • 1 YEAR (valid from 1st December of the previous year to 31st January of the following year). It costs €108.80 for vehicles up to 3.5 tons and €49.90 for two-wheeled vehicles.
  • 2 MONTHS. It costs €38.40 for vehicles up to 3.5 tons and €23 for two-wheeled vehicles.
  • 10 days (valid from 00:00 on the day of drilling to 24:00 on the ninth following day). It costs €19.80 for cars and €12.30 for two-wheeled vehicles.


On some Alpine passes, due to the high management and maintenance costs, an additional tax (Toll Roll) must be paid in addition to the Vignette Austria. The cost varies according to the stretch and the number of crossings and is not cheap at all.

The crossing of the A13 Brennero, or the Gleinalm Tunnel, for example, costs €14.50 for a single journey and €25 for 2 journeys. To cross the A10 Tauern, the cost will be €17.50 (1 trip) and €31 (2 trips).


From today, purchasing the cash on delivery is even easier because it has become completely DIGITAL. No queues at the counter, at the motorway borders. No obligation to display the mark on the windscreen. And, above all, practically zero waiting times.

To purchase the digital badge, simply access the official website, and after selecting the badge to buy, just enter all the data and the vehicle license plate and in a couple of minutes the badge will be immediately available. You can also choose the starting date of validity.

You can pay with major credit cards, PayPal or Klarna.

IMPORTANT: in case of control by the competent authorities, if you do not have the Vignette Austria, you will be subject to a financial penalty ranging from € 300.00 to € 3000.00!

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