Best 2019 Romantic Destinations worldwide. Guide, infos and Top 10

February, the month of lovers. The ideal time to plan a couple’s trip. And, what could be better than a holiday in one of the Best 2019 romantic destinations?

Here is our personal Top Ten, the best destinations to celebrate Valentine’s Day 2019. Putting aside, probably, the best-known destinations that do not need presentations. For a romantic and evocative weekend.

10 – Galway, Ireland
Land of great charm and charm, Ireland offers exciting landscapes, truly unique and incredible. The climate in February is not exactly ideal but, despite this, it is worthwhile to go to Galway, 200km away from Dublin. Picturesque alleys, and romantic walks. Recommended for a road trip.
The Lovespoon, in this case, is the perfect gift. A wooden spoon, beautifully decorated with the symbols of love.

09 – Bojnice, Slovakia.

Lying on the banks of the Nitra, Bojnice is a beautiful Slovak town of just 5000 anime.
North of Bratislava, which is less than 200 kilometers away, this city is known for its many attractions.
Above all, the evocative Castle around which the town stands. Beautiful, fascinating, as well as one of the best preserved castles in the whole country.
Guests can relax at the hot springs, or at the city park along the Prievidzska. The city is the ideal half for families and couples, or for an escape from Bratislava and, without a doubt, among the most romantic destinations of the 2019.

08 – Lyon, France.
When talking about the most romantic destinations of the 2019, in France, it would be obvious to talk about Paris. No doubt that the Ville Lumiére preserves intact, charm and romanticism in the collective imagination.
Lyon, instead, it is a pleasant discovery for the 2019 and, in particular, for Valentine’s Day.
Defining Lyon, one of the most beautiful cities in France, is not a risky statement. Quite the contrary.
Lyon is a metropolis where many cultures and testimonies of the past coexist harmoniously. You can walk among absolutely unique places, and in its wonderful historical center, world heritage of humanity.

07 – Sighisoara, Romania.
Myths and legends emerge in Transylvania but, far from the stereotypes, this region has an incredible charm. On all, Sighisoara, romantic city and, at the same time, mysterious.
Two souls that live together in symbiosis, day and night.
Crossing its beautiful old town, it seems that the hands of the clock have stopped for several centuries. So beautiful, fascinating and charming, to be declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
Sighisoara, represents the very essence of Transylvania. Among the most romantic destinations of 2019 and, above all, among the most economical.

06 – Dresden, Germany.

Dresden it is, today, one of the most romantic cities in Germany. Beautiful Villas and buildings, museums, and truly unique monuments, such as the Zwinger and the Frauenkirche. The wonderful location, overlooking the Elbe.
A place that, like a few, manages to excite visitors.
A city full of art and culture and with many recall events. Concerts. Riverfront shows, and much more.
On Valentine’s Day in Germany, a pink pig is a must, a symbol of good luck and desire.

Best 2019 romantic destinations

05 – Philippines
Valentine’s Day, in the Philippines, is a rather heartfelt anniversary.
Wonderful landscapes. Beautiful beaches. An incredible biodiversity … This archipelago south of the Chinese Sea, with its over 7000 islands, is one of the most popular destinations on Valentine’s Day thanks, too, to the particularly favorable peak during this period.
More and more couples decide to get married in the Philippines on February 14. By right, among the most romantic destinations of the 2019.

04 – Copenhagen, Denmark.

A truly wonderful place for your holidays. Copenaghen It is a cosmopolitan city, beautiful in any month of the year. You can admire it along its fascinating, evocative, canals. Just pay attention not to refuse a possible marriage proposal of your partner. An ancient medieval tradition states that in case of refusal, you will have to compensate your woman with 12 pairs of silk gloves!

03 – Stockholm, Sweden
In cold weather, there is only the weather. Stockholm it is among our favorite cities, and of course, among the most romantic destinations of the 2019.
The Swedish capital is a young and youthful city, full of life and locals; a city that innovates and has been able to innovate; a city with an interesting gastronomic offer. But above all, a city of great charm and tradition, and rich in history.
Pretty impressive, with its 14 islets connected by bridges. It is rich in museums (of course, the one dedicated to ABBAs), ancient churches, and grand palaces. It’s welcoming, as only the Swedes know how to be.
Cosmopolitan and tolerant, it is also the ideal destination for gay couples.

02 – Granada, Spain.
Spain has always been a country full of passion. Granada, instead, it deserves a special mention because, besides being one of the most beautiful Spanish cities, it is ideal for couples of lovers. Its charming old town is ideal for walking hand in hand with your loved one.
In February, although not the best time, you should not have problems with the cold.
At Valentine’s Day, great stars are beautiful hearts of red roses

01 – Bruges, Belgium.

A true jewel of Flanders.
Impressive charm and incredible beauty, in a city where you can breathe an atmosphere of other times. Its enchanting medieval historic center; the houses and the colored buildings; the canals and cobbled streets. There are many reasons why it is worth visiting Bruges, even in winter. A city whose perfectly preserved historical center has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Place of honor among the most romantic destinations of the 2019.