Munich Transport Tickets. Info, types, prices tickets and pass

Munich Transport Tickets

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The fare system for Munich transport tickets differs according to the zones. Generally, by purchasing a ticket for a single area, you can move around Munich and visit all the major attractions.

Tickets are offered in the single version for adults (from 15 years on up), reduced (boys under 15) and cumulative ticket or by group. The latter is particularly advantageous because it can be used simultaneously by 5 adults or 10 children: savings are assured already if you have to travel in two! Children up to 5 years old, travel free.

There are different types of Munich Transport tickets, suitable for all needs. The ticket from short ride, applies within a single area, for a trip within 60′ from validation. What 1.50€ per person.

Munich Transport Tickets

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The single-ride tickets, are ideal for those who use public transport sporadically. A single race ticket, for one area, costs 2.90€ for adults, and 1.40€ reduced. It is valid for one journey on tram and subway buses, within a single zone, within 3 hours of validation. The single journey for 2 zones, costs 5.80€, for a maximum trip of 240 minutes from the validation.

The Day tickets for one or more days, are ideal if you use public transport often. They allow you to make an unlimited number of journeys with S-Bahn, regional train, U-Bahn, bus or tram throughout the day, up until 6.00 the following day. They are available for the internal area, Monaco XXL, external area or entire network. The day ticket for children is always valid for the entire network. The single version, internal area. costs 6.80€ in the one-person version, and 12.90€, in a group. The single three-day version, internal area, costs 16.80€, while the three-day cumulative version costs 29.60€.

We highly recommend the purchase of the CityTourCard; thanks to it you can travel on public transport in the capital, taking advantage of discounts in affiliated shops, and discounts for attractions. When purchasing the Card, you will receive a brochure and a map of the transport network.

The Monaco CityTourCard is available in versions for one, three or four days for the internal area (Inner Area) or all city areas. Available, also, single or cumulative. Prices range from a minimum of 12.90€, to a maximum of 57.90€, for travel in the Inner District.

Do not underestimate the fact that the card includes the transfer by train or bus to / from Franz Josef Strauss airport in Munich. Always remember to validate the card at the first use to make it active.

Tickets can be purchased at vending machines, customer service centers and at MVV points of sale. Do not forget to validate the travel document before boarding the vehicle. There are really salty fines.

All the info and updates are available on the official website, from this link.

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