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Getting Around Matera by public transport, taxi or car. Bus, tickets

Getting Around Matera

In the city, it is easy to get around on foot. From the central square, you have to walk for about 20 minutes, to reach the famous Sassi of Matera. The latter can only be visited on foot. Anyone wishing getting around Matera by public transport can refer to the comfortable and cheap buses run by Miccoli.

The car is not the ideal solution. We recommend that you leave it at the hotel or in a parking area, and move around the city on foot or by bus.

Getting Around Matera


Miccolis s.p.a. manages an efficient public transport system to move around Matera. In service there are 15 urban lines, 10 school lines, two circular lines and, finally, two special lines.

Times and frequencies vary depending on the line. Generally, buses run on weekdays, from around 07:00 until 22:00. Of the urban lines, only 7 and 14 run in the evening, with two trips after 22:00.

The two Circular lines (North and South) are in operation every day, including holidays, to move to Matera after 22:00.

The Sassi Line is the special line that allows you to reach the Unesco world heritage site. It is active every day, including Sundays and holidays, with two trips every hour, from 07:30 to 19:50. On Friday and Saturday, however, the line is in operation until 22:50 (last departure).


Taxis are a faster, and more expensive, alternative to public transport. The Matera Taxi Consortium offers an excellent urban and suburban transport service, with rates already pre-established by the municipal administration.

If reaching Matera with your own car is more than just an option, moving around the city by your own vehicle is a solution to be discarded. We recommend that you leave your car in one of the parking areas in the city. In the center, in Pasquale Vena Road, you can pay an affordable rate of €0.50 per hour. Another large area is located near the Matera station, from which, moreover, the bus to the Sassi leaves.


Buses are particularly cheap. A single ticket costs €0.8 per person. A ticket valid for 180′ from the first validation costs €1.00. Tickets can be purchased at bars, tobacconists and affiliated merchants in the city. Alternatively, you can buy the ticket directly on board the vehicle, at the increased price of €1.50 per person!

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