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Madrid Transport Tickets. Travel by public transport. Price typology

Madrid Transport Tickets

To use public transport it is necessary to purchase a special Tarjeta Multi. It is a special non-nominative card on which to top up almost all Madrid transport tickets (including the ticket to the airport). It costs €2.50.


Madrid is divided into several fare zones. Zone A is the most central; C1 and C2 are the most peripheral areas. By purchasing a Billete Sencillo, you can make a single ride on buses, Metro Zone A, ML1 and some stops in Zone B1, B2. With this ticket you can travel ONLY WITHIN THE SAME AREA. The price varies according to the number of stations from a minimum of €1.50 (5 stations) to a maximum of €2.00 (10 stations or more).

Madrid Transport Tickets

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Anyone wishing to move between two different areas must purchase TWO tickets, or, alternatively, the Billette Combinado 1 Viaje; with the latter, it is possible to move around Madrid on the entire Metro and Metro Ligero network in two different areas. It costs €3.00.

The Billetes de 10 viajes is a sort of booklet with 10 single-way tickets. It costs €12.20, instead of €15.00 that you would spend to buy them individually. The Billette Combinado also has its 10 viajes “carnet”, sold in this case at the affordable price of €18.30 (you save more than 10 euros compared to single tickets).

To depart/arrive from the international airport, the supplement must always be purchased at an extra cost of €3.00 per person

For those wishing to make several trips on public transport over one or more days, the TÍTULO TURÍSTICO is the ideal solution. It is a sort of subscription from 1 to 7 days; thanks to it, you will be able to travel unlimited on all means for the set time. The Card is personal and non-transferable. When used, it must be accompanied by an official document. It can be purchased at all Metro stations and the Consortium offices.
With the TÍTULO TURÍSTICO ZONA A, you can travel on all public transport in Madrid. The 1-day version costs €8.40; 2 days, €14.40; 3 days, €18.40; 5 days, € 26.80; 6 days, €35.40.
The TÍTULO TURÍSTICO ZONA T allows you to reach all areas, including the previous one. Prices start from €17.00 for the one-day version, up to €70.80 for the weekly pass.


MADRID CARD is the card that combines Madrid transport tickets and attractions. The card, in fact, allows you to travel on all means of the city, and FREE access to over 50 museums and attractions. The CARD is available in different denominations starting from 24h. You will have access to the Prado, Reina Sofia, Thyssen, Royal Palace and many other monuments. In addition, you will enjoy special discounts on restaurants, parties, car rental and more.


Tickets can be purchased at the automatic machines in the stations and at the points of sale and tobacconists displaying the company logo. The machines enabled for the sale of the Tarjeta Multi display the appropriate brand in evidence

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