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Koningsdag Amsterdam, what to do at the King's Day, 27 April 2023

Koningsdag Amsterdam

WHERE: Amsterdam, Netherlands
WHEN: April 27 2023

Amsterdam is a magical, wonderful and extremely lively city all year round, but … try to take a look at the 27 April. You will see something incredible, really crazy.

About two million (!!!) of individuals, all dressed in orange, are pouring out into the city to celebrate the King’s Day Amsterdam. This is the King’s Day, in honor of William Alexander, celebrated on this fateful date of the year, except Sundays; in this case, in fact, it is always anticipated at the Saturday 26 April!

During the Koningsdag Amsterdam, you can dance, drink, eat and have fun all day. In every place, street, city square. Even along the Amstel, there are hundreds of festively decorated boats full of festive people. And, of course, traditional coma, there are lots of dance parties organized outdoors, in parks, bars or pubs. Enjoy this crazy show. Let yourself be carried away by the crowds and the atmosphere of joy and celebration that you breathe.

A day to spend all … strictly in orange. Do not forget to provide for yourself too. A simple accessory of this color could suffice. The wigs are very popular. But also the hats. There is also someone who dries his beard or mustache.

And if the King’s Day is not enough, why not celebrate the night before? On the eve of the Koningsdag the Koningsnacht is celebrated; the best pubs, clubs and bars in Amsterdam organize incredible events in which to drink and dance until late at night. Do not exaggerate, however: you risk losing the King’s Day !!!

Koningsdag Amsterdam



Thanks to the presence of one of the most efficient airports in Europe, Amsterdam can easily be reached by plane. The airport is about 20 minutes from the center, from which it is well connected by train or bus. All info, links and tickets are available on our website official page, from this link.


On the occasion of the King’s Day, the city is literally invaded by hundreds of sellers of street food, placed in every corner of the streets. You can eat a lot, and well, spending the right. And you can taste the tompouce, a typical pastry with cream, decorated for this occasion with a specially created orange icing.

And above all, you can drink and consume alcohol at will. Only during the Koningsdag Amsterdam, in fact, it is allowed to consume alcohol on the street. Give us inside !!

But the party is also a good opportunity to do some business. Traditionally, King’s Day is the only day when no permits are required to sell goods by road; This is why so many Dutch people empty their cellars, and Amsterdam turns into a mega flea market. Incredible, really, what you could find.


The edition of the Koningsdag 2023 occurs on Thursday. It is therefore an excellent opportunity to spend a long weekend in the beautiful Dutch capital.

Generally, prices for sleeping in the center are quite high. Considering the efficient transport network, you will not have difficulty in finding facilities well served by public transport. In this way, what you save on housing, you can invest it on … entertainment!

Kanoa recommends the Teleport Hotel Amsterdam. For a cheap but satisfactory solution, among budget hotels, in our opinion it is the best. Located at 400 meters from Amsterdam Sloterdijk Train Station, Teleport Hotel offers modern studios, private parking, bicycle rental and free WiFi.

WestCord Art Hotel Amsterdam is a solution, in our opinion, really good; It is located a few minutes from the city center, and has a bus stop (48) right outside the entrance. The category is 4 stars, but prices are not prohibitive at all; There is an outdoor swimming pool, WiFi throughout and on-site parking

From here, all the tips and tips for sleeping in Amsterdam.

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