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Getting around Elche by bus and on foot on Ruta Palmeral. Info, tickets

Getting around Elche

The city center is quite circumscribed and can be easily explored on foot. Walking along the Palmeral route, you can reach the main points of interest of the city.
Buses and bikes are two excellent ways for getting around Elche.


Getting around Elche in Spain

Autobusos Urbans d’Elx (AUE) manages the efficiency of the city public transport network.
The system consists of 12 lines, identified as A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L. To these are added the three yellow lines that all start from the center: R1 , R2, R3. CN, on the other hand, is the special line that operates from the Center to the New Cemetery of Elche.

Buses are quite frequent and cheap and are a good solution for getting around Elche and the areas further away from the center. They are on duty from 07 in the morning, to about 22:30.
After 23:00, until 05:45 in the morning, the NT night line is also active

Throughout July and August, to meet the needs of vacationers, the P1 Circular Arenales del Sol line is active. It runs every day, from 08:30 to 21:30 with frequencies between 16 and 20 minutes.

Tickets for the bus cost €1.35 in the ordinary version. By purchasing the ORDINARY BONO you can take advantage of the discounted rate of €0.84 per trip. The voucher consists of a €8.40 rechargeable card, valid for 10 single trips.


The “Trenet d’Elx” is a special tourist train to discover the main points of interest in the city. The vehicle follows a tourist route, starting from the Tourist Office (main stop), and continuing to Cases de la Mare de Deu, to the municipal park through the door next to the tourist office. You visit the inside of the municipal park, cross the children’s play area, and leave the door next to the Molí del Real. The itinerary continues on Av. Alcalde Vicente Quiles, Paseo de la Estación, Fatxo, Uberna, Trinquet, Corredora, Puente Ortices, Plaza Constitución, Almórida, Porta de la Morera, Beniardá, Camino de la Almazara, Curtidores, Eugenio D’Ors , Porta de la Morera, Daoiz, Doctor Jiménez Díaz, Luis Gonzaga Llorente, Maestro Albéniz to the main stop near the Tourist Office


The two-wheeler is an eco-friendly solution, much loved and used.
BiciElx offers excellent service at very competitive prices. You simply have to register on the official website and then you can rent a bike in one of the more than 30 points scattered throughout the city. The cost of daily rental, including taxes and services, is €11.10 for a day and just €19.70 for a whole week! The first 30 minutes are included in the rental, then you pay €0.62 up to one hour and €3.06 up to 120 ‘of use.


Ruta del Palmeral is a fantastic circular route of about 2500 meters, which passes through the main points of interest in Elche. On foot, it is possible to move around Elche without any difficulty, through this fantastic itinerary, easily identifiable thanks to the numerous signs on the street. Crossing the splendid palm grove, you can admire this fantastic natural scenery and enjoy beautiful views and panoramas over the city and its monuments. Hort del Pontos, Hort del Sol, Torre de Vaillo, Palacio de Altamira and the splendid Basilica of Santa Maria are some of the main points of interest you will encounter during this fantastic itinerary.

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