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Getting around Catania by bus, on foot, by public transport. Tickets

Getting around Catania

You can easily get around the historic center on foot. Metro and bus are excellent solutions for covering medium/distance distances. The car is absolutely not recommended for getting around Catania.


The main places of interest in Catania are concentrated in an area of a couple of square meters. In approximately 10-15 minutes, you can walk from one place to another.

Getting around Catania


Public transport is managed by ATMS (Azienda Metropolitana Trasporti e Sosta Catania) which offers widespread connections between the center and the suburbs through around 40 lines.
Times and frequencies vary based on the line and day of circulation. Buses generally run from 06:30 until 23:00.
Moving around Catania by bus is the best solution: you avoid traffic, you save money and, above all, it’s good for the environment!


The Catania metro is made up of a single line and a total of 10 stations and connects the terminus of Stesicoro and Nesima. It is part of the larger “Circumetnea” railway line which after this underground section becomes a surface line, until it reaches Riposto.
More info from this link.


Traffic, especially during rush hours, is one of the major problems plaguing the city of Etna. Added to this is the difficulty of parking and wild parking (mostly managed by illegal parkers).
The best way is to leave your car in one of the ATMS car parks: there are at least ten in the city, with really low rates.
Among the various options, the car park on Via Lo Jacono (Exchange “Due Obelischi”) is the best because it is free if you purchase a transport ticket.
This way it will be possible to leave the car and move around Catania by bus!
More info from this link.


Tickets must always be purchased in advance and validated before traveling. In the event of checks, anyone without a travel document will be fined at least €60. Here are the main travel tickets for getting around Catania by public transport:

  • Single ride. Valid for a journey on the metro or bus (except alibus) within 90′ of validation. It costs €1
  • Integrated ticket. Valid for a combined trip by metro and bus (except Alibus) within 120′ of validation. It costs €1.20
  • Daily ticket. Valid on all urban public transport in Catania (except Alibus) for the entire day on which it is validated. Attention: it is not valid for 24 hours, but its validity ends at 11.59pm on the day of validation.
  • Alibus. Ticket valid on the Alibus line operating for Catania Airport and on all urban lines, within 90′ of validation. What €4 per person.

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