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Visit the Calanques and National Park, routes. Clothing, what to bring, boat

Visit the Calanques

Naturally, nature is the great protagonist of the visit the Calanques.


On the official website of the Calanques National Park the main routes that you can take are indicated in a really exhaustive way.
Each one indicates the level of difficulty of the route, the duration, and the distance to be covered.
And, of course, the starting point, arrival point, and main places you will encounter during your excursion.
The starting point is usually fixed at one of the bus stops.

Visit the Calanques

Photo ©, Geoges Sequin (Okki)

The paths allow you to admire the beauties of the park and enjoy spectacular views over the whole area.
The Marseilleveyre massif and the Fontana de Voir. The mountains of Luminy. The Calanques and the Sugiton Viewpoint. The excursion to Mount Puget. The Belvedere d’En-Vau. La Gardiole. The path of the Little Prince
The choice is huge.


Before visit the Calanques it is important to organize yourself as best as possible, choosing the route that best suits your needs.
The routes almost always require long walks. Often, some paths are quite steep, on unstable terrain and require a minimum of physical preparation.
Choose carefully the path to follow taking into account your skills and aptitudes.

Always wear clothes suitable for the weather and try not to carry heavy bags and rucksacks. Comfortable and trekking shoes are almost a must.
Never miss a supply of water (at least two liters per person) and food, because you will not meet merchants along the way.
And, again, hat and protective creams.


Every year, many travelers choose to visit these areas from the sea.
Of course, always choose official shipping companies and bring the necessary (water, food and sunscreen) with you.
The cruises are also suitable for those with walking difficulties.

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