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Beaches of Calanques and best coves not to be missed. How to get there

Beaches of Calanques

Magic, charm and wonderful nature characterize the Calanques National Park.
The beaches of Calanques are, without a doubt, one of the many reasons for a visit to these parts.


As indicated on the official website of the National Park, it is preferable to arrive at the Calanques beaches already prepared and organized.
Almost all of them require long walks between more or less demanding paths. You will not find any facilities on site, or dining options: a good supply of water, beach towel, and sun protection are practically a must.
Beaches and inlets are not particularly extensive: it is preferable to arrive early, especially in summer when they are literally stormed.

Even in the height of summer, the water temperature is always colder than on the Marseille coast.
If you are on holiday with children it is preferable to opt for the beaches of Marseille, as they are more suitable and easy to access.



Sugiton Best beaches of Calanques

It is one of the most famous beaches in the Park, a real spectacle of nature.
The rather demanding walk (especially in the last stretch) is offset by the wonder of the place.
The view from above is wonderful.
The fascinating canyon surrounds the small cove with crystal clear (and cold) waters. You will find two small coves and rocks in which to sunbathe and, for those who wish, to dive.
Not suitable for children. Wear hiking shoes.
HOW TO GET THERE: from Marseille, by bus B1 to Campus de Luminy. Get off at Luminy and walk for about an hour.


Beautiful cove and small village in the Calanques, reachable via a long path.
It has a beautiful strip of sand and crystal clear sea, with buildings overlooking the sea and the canyon that dominates the surrounding environment.
Also ideal for a picnic or to admire the surroundings.
HOW TO GET THERE: with bus 23, direction Beauvallon, you have to stop at La Cayolle. Alternatively, take bus 22 to Les Baumettes to the last stop. Continue for just under an hour on foot along the path.


Morgiou Beach

Photo ©, Jeanne Menjoulet

Beautiful and wild, as its name indicates, Morgiou is one of the beaches of Calanques not to be missed.
In this case, too, it is accessed via a path, which is somewhat steep in some places. Hiking shoes, water and food are recommended.
Really beautiful and evocative sea and place.
HOW TO GET THERE: with bus 22 for Les Baumettes to the last stop. Continue for about an hour on foot along the path.


These are probably the most touristic areas of the Calanques, accessible from the Cassis side. Here you will be in the company of the many boats present. Beaches, small marinas and gently sloping water, ideal for the little ones. Many boat trips pass through these parts.
Port-Pin can be reached on foot from the Port of Cassis in about 45 minutes.

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