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Berlin transport tickets. Prices, info, where to buy, app

Berlin transport tickets

The capital’s public transport infrastructure network is truly perfect. The vehicles are modern and efficient and allow you to move easily around the city.

U-Bahn and S-Bahn tickets are the same and can also be used for all BVG networks, buses and trams. Ticket prices vary according to the type, number of people and areas of Berlin you want to reach.


From the point of view of transport, Berlin is divided into three zones, identified by the letters A, B and C. Zone A is the most central area of ​​Berlin, where most of Berlin’s tourist attractions are located; zone B is the slightly more peripheral part; zone C is the part outside Berlin; includes the city of Potsdam and the new Brandenburg airport.

The ticket must be purchased based on the origin and destination of the trip.


Berlin transport tickets

Choose the suitable type, according to your needs. There are several options in this regard.

The short ride ticket costs €2.00 (reduced €1.50) and allows travel within 3 metro stations, or 6 by bus and tram. The journey cannot exceed 20 minutes.
The single-journey ticket Zone AB costs €3.00 (reduced, €1.90). Also available in the version for 4, at a cost of €9.40 at standard rate, and €5.80 reduced.
The BC Zone single ticket costs €3.50 (reduced, €2.40). Also available in the version for 4, at a cost of €12.60 at standard rate, and €8.60 reduced.
The single-journey ticket for Zone ABC costs €3.00 (reduced, €1.90). Also available in the version for 4, at a cost of €13.80 at standard rate, and €9.80 reduced. The latter, for example, allows you to move from central Berlin to Brandenburg airport, and vice versa.

Instead, the DAILY TICKET (Tageskarte) could be rather convenient, which will allow you to make unlimited travel throughout the day, on all public transport. The price is €8.80 (reduced €5.60) for ZONE AB; €9.20 (€5.90 reduced) for the BC ZONES; €10.00 (€6.10 reduced) for ZONE ABC. The affordable 4-person version (kleingruppen) is also available for the day ticket.

If, on the other hand, you intend to move a lot, we recommend purchasing a Berlin Welcome Card. It is available in versions from 2, up to 6 days, starting from validation, with prices from a minimum of 23 to a maximum of € 53.00 per person. . It can be purchased at all major stations, information centers, and even many hotels. With the Berlin WelcomeCard, you can travel for free by bus and train in all zones A, B, C including the transfer to Brandenburg airport.
Thanks to the Card, you can also get up to 50% discount at around 191 tourist attractions and sites of cultural interest in Berlin and Potsdam; excursion suggestions, a city map and a practical tourist guide are included. It is ideal for visiting and getting around Berlin.


On the means of the metro, S-BAHN, regional trains, and trams (where the logo is present) the transport of a bicycle is allowed. This must be positioned exclusively in the space indicated. Bicycles cannot be placed outside the dedicated spaces. If busy, you should choose another car or wait for the next train!

To transport the bike, YOU NEED TO PURCHASE A SPECIAL TICKET, in addition to that of the traveler. The price depends on the journey, the area and the duration. The different types are listed below:

  • SHORT TRIP: € 1.40;
  • AREA AB: Single ride 2.10 € – Daily pass 5.00 €.
  • AREA BC: Single ride 2.40 € – Daily 5.40.
  • ZONE ABC: Single ride 2.70 € – Daily ticket 5.60 €.

NB: The transport of bicycles on the buses is not allowed. If you have to travel by tram, always check that the bike logo is present on the side of the vehicle (generally easily visible).


You can buy Berlin transport tickets in the numerous vending machines in the Stations, airport. You can pay by cash and card.

The official BVG app is really convenient, in our opinion. Available for all Android and iOS systems, it is really easy, simple and intuitive. Thanks to the APP you can easily buy Berlin transport tickets in a flash. You can also buy a bike ticket.

Operation is really simple. As soon as you have downloaded the APP, you can register by entering only your name, email and password. THAT’S ALL! You can pay, directly in the app, with cards, PAYPAL, Apple Pay, Google Pay, SEPA transfer. Really simple and straightforward.

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