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Getting around Basel by bus tram boat. Public transport tickets

Getting around Basel

In Basel the car is not needed. The city is perfect for walking and cycling. Anyone wishing to opt for public transport will find a convenient, efficient and even economical solution in buses and trams.


Many neighborhoods, even quite distant, are connected to the center through pedestrian paths. Moreover, the city center is not big at all. These are the main reasons for getting around in Basel on foot is a recommended solution. In addition to being healthy.
For those who intend to walk a lot, we recommend comfortable shoes and a bit of training on the steep streets and alleys with pebbles.


Basel and its surroundings are perfect for walking around. In the city, there are really a lot of cycle paths, all perfectly marked. You can also reach other parts of Switzerland via the Veloland Schweiz cycle routes.

The Swiss, at any age, love to travel around Basel by bike. In the center, at the central station and throughout the city, there are several rental agencies.
The use of a helmet is not mandatory.


A particularly fascinating and suggestive method to cross the Rhine and move from one bank to the other of the city. The service is guaranteed by the four boats “Wilde Maa”, “Leu”, “Vogel Gryff” and “Ueli”, active throughout the summer and partially during the winter.
From April to October, boats operate regularly from 09:00 to 19:00. From November to March, they are active from 11:00 to 17:00. Times may vary depending on the route, and in conjunction with important events such as Carnival.

The boats are used, with a certain frequency, both by tourists and by locals. The ticket costs 1.60CHF per person.


Getting around Basel

Buses and trams represent the offer of the Swiss BVB for getting around Basel.
The service is particularly fast, efficient and relatively inexpensive.

Public transport links the center, the suburbs and the surrounding areas in a capillary way. The service starts early in the morning, around 05:00, until midnight.
Some main lines, such as the 1 tram, operate daily, from 04:30 approximately, up to 01:30.
At each stop, you will find a complete map of the local transport system, and the waiting time of the vehicle.
On vehicles, the inside and outside opening is done by pressing the appropriate button. Only the closure is automatic.

All trams are equipped with a lowered platform, ideal for wheelchair users. The spaces dedicated to them, generally, are located near the second door.
People with reduced mobility, I can not even use most of the bus lines. The 35 / 45 buses are an exception.

Every night between Friday and Saturday, and between Saturday and Sunday, a night-time transportation service is guaranteed. Transport is managed by a consortium of Swiss transport companies, in a single integrated tariff system: TNW, Tarifverbund Nordwestschweiz; the latter is operational throughout North-Western Switzerland, including Basel.


To travel in Basel by bus and tram, you have to buy tickets according to the departure and destination area.
Basel, and the surrounding area, is divided into zones. Unless you have to reach medium / long haul distances, you can use tickets for only one area.

The ticket for 1 area, costs 3.80CHF per adult, and 2.60CHF for children up to 16 years. Valid for a move in one zone, within 60 ‘from validation.

The ticket for a Short Travel, is valid for a move in the same zone within 30 ‘from the validation. Costs 2.30CHF per adult and 1.80CHF, reduced.

For those who want to move to Basel with the means, with a certain frequency, there are different solutions.
Multi-use Ticket it is a sort of carnet from 6 single tickets, which allows 10% savings on each trip.
Il Basel Day ticket is a convenient ticket valid for a whole day, from 05:00 in the morning. It allows unlimited access on all public transport, in the 10, 11, 13 and 15 areas, including the EuroAirport. Costs 9.90CHF per adult and 6.90CHF reduced.
Il TNW Day ticket, instead, it allows unlimited travel in all TNW zones. It is available in 5 different cuts, from 1, 2, 3, 4 and 7 days; the price ranges from a minimum of 18.70 CHF for an adult pass, up to a maximum of 45.00CHF for a week pass.

All tickets can be purchased at the special machines and exhibitors exhibiting the TNW brand, and on the official APP.
Do not forget to validate your ticket before embarking on the trip; otherwise, the fine will be 80CHF. The checks are rather frequent.

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