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Asterix Park Attractions and the best shows. Guide, info, and height limits

Asterix Park Attractions

Over 40 attractions at the Asterix Park, for all tastes and all ages. For adventurous spirits. For those looking for strong emotions. For those who want to spend a quiet day.



Aire De Jeux du Petit Chêne. A small oak with games of all kinds.
Aire de Jeux Viking. A fantastic Viking theme park.
Challis. Attraction in which … it turns and turns continuously.
Hydrolix. A fantastic path in small boats, including splashes and fun.
Lavomatix. A frenetic ride aboard a strange laundry!
Panoramix. An amazing journey through the trees, the Little Gauls will meet animals of all kinds.
Petites Chaises Volantes. The small flying chairs that turn heads, suspended in the air.


Aérodinamix. You climb in company, on board of fantastic flying machines in which you ride.
Chaudrons. It turns, all together, on board the legendary giant cups.
Enigmatix. You go up and down. Attention only to … butterflies in the belly!
Escadrille Des As. You fly aboard incredible aircraft.
Espions de Cesar. You fly over the park aboard legionaires, along a rail.
Mini Caroussel. It starts on board the legendary carousel among swans, camels, horses…
Petit Chars Tamponneurs. The legendary car-collision cars.
Petite Tempéte. You go up and down at crazy speed aboard small boats.
Sos Numerobis. The roller coaster for the whole family, on board a train.
Transdemonium. A path of fear between ghosts and wandering spirits


Asterix Park attractions - Grande-descente-de-l’attraction-Grand-Splash

Photo ©, Thomas tonnerredezeus

Défi De César. Engage in a great mission.
Grand Splatch. A quiet boat trip, hides an incredible final dip.
Hydre de Lerne. You face a monster at 7 heads, spinning and lifting you up in speed.
Menhir Express. Embark on a menhir, along a path of water, among splashes, throws and jets of water.
Oxigénarium. A descent of almost 200 meters on an inflatable.
Pegase Express. Ascents, descents and bends, at high speed. The roller coaster for the whole family, with a dash of adrenaline.
Petit Train. A fantastic journey to learn the secrets of the forest on board the train.
Romus Et Rapidus. A path through the waters, with a final shower (!!?); intended for those who are not afraid of getting wet.
Vol D’Icar. In flight like Icarus towards the sun. Another kind of Russian mountain, for the family.

120 cm

Carrousel de Cesar e Chevaux du Roy. These are two carousels.
Chaises Volantes. The “big” version of the carousel with flying chairs.
Discobélix. On board a huge disk, you will literally be launched.
Epïdemais Croisière. A fantastic cruise to discover the main characters of the Asterix saga.
Galère. A fantastic ride, up and down, aboard a galleon.
Nationale 7. Children will get behind the wheel of these colorful vehicles along an extraordinary path.
Petits Drakkars. An adventure to be real pirates and beat the enemies.
Rivière d’Elis. On an enchanted boat, a path of water between mythological characters.
Trace de Hourra. You can drive to 60 km / h, on board a “Made in Gaul” bob. Fun and emotions at every turn.

130 cm

Oziris. The adrenaline roller coaster. You speed to 90km / h, to 40 meters in height.
Tonnerre de Zeus. Go up. He descended. Virate … to 80 km / h.

140 cm

Asterix Park attractions - Goudurix

Photo ©, Portalix

Cheval de Troie. On board a ship, turbulence to more than 12 meters in height.
Goudurix. It starts with a gentle climb and then the good starts. The most adrenaline roller coaster in the Park. You can also shoot upside down. Among the most popular Asterix Park attractions!


Not just attractions in the Park. Fun and emotions, for young and old, are guaranteed by engaging shows and shows.
Acrobatics. Special effects. Live shows. All you have to do is sit back and be comfortable. Action and fun are guaranteed with “Main Basse Sur la Joconde” with a group of criminals intent on stealing the precious Mona Lisa. “Chronos” offers entertainment between magic and illusionism. The Poseidon Theater, in the heart of the City of Olympia, will offer a spectacular diving competition for the whole family (Les Plogeons de l’Olympe). And, again, incredible fights between Gauls and Romans, and the inevitable parade with all the protagonists of Asterix, which you can also meet up close in the Park.

Typically, the shows run for 20 minutes. Let the show begin!

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