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Amsterdam public transport tickets to travel around the city. Prices

Amsterdam public transport tickets

Amsterdam public transport tickets are available in various denominations ranging from one hour, one day, to the advantageous weekly rate. In Amsterdam you travel with the OV-Chipkaart (a magnetic card) which can be Personal (suitable for those who live in Amsterdam) or Anonymous (ideal for tourists). It is a card that can be recharged with the desired ticket (pay as you go, daily, weekly, etc.). The anonymous version costs about €7.50 and is valid for five years.


Amsterdam public transport tickets

Photo ©, Donald Trung Quoc Don

Here are the main Amsterdam public transport tickets that you can buy:

  • GVB 1 HOUR. You can travel on all means of transport in Amsterdam (except night lines) for 60 minutes, without limits. It costs €3.20
  • GVB NIGHT BUS. Valid only on night buses, for a 90 ‘journey. It costs €5 per person. Also available in the 12-ticket version (booklet) at a cost of €37.40
  • BIKE TRANSPORT. This is a supplement that supplements the Amsterdam public transport tickets. Allows you to transport your bike outside peak times (07: 00-09: 00 and 16: 00-18: 30). It costs 2€. Alternatively, there is the combined bicycle + GVB 60′ ticket, at a cost of €5.10.
  • GVB DAY TICKET. Allows unlimited travel on all means of transport in Amsterdam, Diemen, Duivendrecht, Amstelveen, Schiphol and Weesp. It can also be used on night lines. The 24h version costs €8.50. 48h versions €14.50, 72h 20€ and 86h 25.50€
  • GVB DAY TICKET CHILDREN. Ticket valid exclusively for children from 4 to 11 years to travel unlimited on all means, including night buses. It costs €4.

Purchase your transport pass directly from this link, at no extra charge.


It is a tourist card that allows you to visit numerous attractions and travel unlimited on public transport. The 4-day card is rather convenient. Thanks to this special card, you can travel on the entire transport network managed by GVB, and visit the main museums and attractions of Amsterdam.

There are special gifts and discounts and detailed maps of the city at the time of purchase. The city card is available in four different types:

  • City Card 24h: 65€
  • City card 48h: 90€
  • City card 72h: 110€
  • City Card 92h: 125€
  • City Card 120h: 135€

You can buy your card, at the best guaranteed price, through this link.


The tickets can be redeemed by credit card and in cash at the numerous machines located in all major metro stations and main stops. You can also buy tickets at the numerous points of sale and merchants displaying the company’s brand.

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