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Children with RyanAir. Practical info, rules, security, check in and more

Children with RyanAir

Have you planned a plane trip with your children with RyanAir? In this section, you will find lots of practical information and answers to the most common questions.

Please note that the rules may vary depending on the airline used. Those shown below, only valid for RYANAIR flights only. The vector defines Infants all children under the age of 2, while those aged between 2 years and 11 are considered children. Teenagers (Teen) instead, it is the boys aged 12 and 15 years. From 16 years completed, up, they are all considered adults.

It is not permitted to fly to newborns with up to 7 DAYS OF LIFE.


Infants up to 2 not completed, always travel in their parents’ arms. From the 2 years completed, they pay the same rate as adults and are entitled to their seats.

Even in the presence of infants and children with RyanAir, it is always possible to CHECK IN ONLINE. Each traveler (both newborns, children and adults) must have their own boarding pass.

About the CHECK-IN with RyanAir, we recommend taking a look at this link, to get some precious tips.

Children with RyanAir


From October 2016, all adults traveling with children with RyanAir, HAVE THE OBLIGATION to buy a standard seat for one person, so that children of the same reservation have a reserved seat for free.

This rule applies to children up to 11 years. Therefore, by purchasing only one seat, you can reserve for free up to 4 seats for children under the age of 12. The other adults or adolescents of the reservation will not be obliged to reserve a place, but will have the possibility.

To be boarded first, will always be the passengers who have bought the PRIORITY BOARD. This is included for all those who have reserved Premium Seats, or, First Row Seats.


Infants up to 2 years traveling on their parents’ arms CAN NOT take any baggage. The adult accompanying the newborn, however, may carry a bag of the maximum weight of 5kg, in addition to their own allowance for hand baggage. However, the service is not free; in this case, in fact, there is a payment of a supplement equal to 20 € each way.

All children over the age of 2 can carry the same amount of luggage as an adult. The baggage must have a dimension of 55 x 40 x 20 cm and a maximum weight of 10 kg. It is also possible to carry a small bag up to 35 x 20 x 20 cm.


All children can always carry a stroller for FREE and a second, further, among those listed below:

  • car seat
  • raised seat.
  • travel cot.

Items must be tagged at check-in or at the Baggage Check-in desk and allowed to be taken to the door or stairs of the aircraft, where they will be handed over to a crew member. The items will be collected at the baggage conveyor on arrival.

You can register other baby equipment in addition to the 2 free items by paying a fee for baby / child equipment (maximum weight 20 Kg). The cost is €10,00 per item.


Specific milk for children, milk powder, sterilized water and baby food is allowed inside the carry-on baggage. For these items, the usual limit on liquids does not apply. In addition, they do not need to enter the transparent bag, but must be ready for security inspection, if required at the airport. For safety reasons, it is possible that the adult who carries the food is asked to taste them.

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