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Check in with EasyJet, boarding and choice of seats for FREE

Check in with EasyJet

The check in with Easyjet is really easy and intuitive. It can be done online, on the official website, using the Check-in online tab on the home page, or by accessing Manage your reservations, or directly from the app (iOS and Android).

Online check-in can be done from 30 days and up to 2 hours before the scheduled departure time of the flight. In this way, boarding passes can also be printed directly from home for the return flight.

If you are traveling with hand luggage only, when you arrive at the airport you will have to go directly to the airport security checks and departures, with your printed tickets. If you are traveling with hold baggage, you will need to go to the baggage drop desks.

Boarding and Check in with EasyJet

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When you purchase a flight, before checking in with EasyJet, you have the option (for a fee) to choose your seat on the aircraft. Each company offers a precise picture of the arrangement. This way you can choose your seat on the plane and, above all, sit close to other travelers. Pricing varies by location, while also offering a variety of benefits.

Front row seats start at €16.99 per person each way and offer more legroom and the ability to carry a second larger carry-on bag than the small one. The seats at the exits on the wing and the others in the front row offer the same advantages as the previous ones and prices from €10.99.

If, on the other hand, you are “satisfied” with normal seats and do not need to carry a second large hand luggage, you can simply buy your standard seat, with prices starting from €1.49 per person per way (a utopian rate: we have never had the pleasure of finding seats at these figures!).

For those wishing to secure a seat near their loved ones, absolutely FREE, we recommend that you take a look at this link.


The boarding gate number will always be visible on the departures board at the airport. If you have the official Easyjet APP and have activated notifications, you will receive the information directly on your smartphone.

To avoid wasting time, always remember to keep the boarding pass and identity document of each passenger at hand.

The first to board the flight will always be passengers requiring special assistance. After them, we will proceed to embark travelers in the following order:

  • Passengers with Speedy Boarding
  • Families with children under 5
  • All other passengers

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