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Change Easyjet tickets: flight, name. Info, ways and costs

Change EasyJet Tickets

A very useful and valid support to all those who wish to change Easyjet tickets. If for one reason or another you need to change one or more passenger names; or, a destination. Whatever the reason that pushes you to change Easyjet tickets, here you will find the answers and all your questions. And most importantly, the costs. Because, of course, it must be worth it. In fact, it could happen that the costs to change Easyjet tickets are higher than the price of a new coupon!


You can change your tickets at any time, even if you have checked in. In this case, after the change, you will have to check in again and print the new boarding pass.

Except for particular exceptions, you will always have to bear a cost for any changes and cancellations.

How to Change Easyjet Tickets

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The only case in which you can cancel your booked flight is WITHIN 24 hours of booking. In this case the cost will be €59 for online changes and €66 for changes through the call center. The price is per person per flight.


You can change the names of passengers at any time before making the trip. The price is 59€ per passenger per flight (66€ via the call center).

Easyjet allows you to change the passenger name FREE OF CHARGE in the event of a spelling mistake. If, for example, you have written a diminutive (Nick instead of Nicholas), a repeated vowel or consonant, or, an extra space. In this case, YOU WILL NOT PAY ANYTHING. Just remember to make the change before check-in.


Easyjet allows you to change your flight (time, date or route) by paying a supplement. In addition to this, however, the difference in fare must also be added if the new flight costs more (nothing will be due, however, if the new flight booked costs less than the previous one).

The cost of the supplement is €28 if the change is made more than 45 days before departure. For changes within 45 days of the flight departure, the cost of the supplement will be 45€. Prices are valid if you change EasyJet tickets online. For changes through the call center there is an additional €6 surcharge.


Have you ever missed your flight because you arrived late at the airport? With EasyJet you will have the possibility to leave anyway by taking advantage of the “Rescue Fee“. This option, however, is ONLY possible if you arrive at the airport within 2 hours of your flight departure. In this case, you can take the first available flight by paying the fare of 129€ for each passenger left on the ground.

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